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Transatlantic Must-Reads, Archive 2012

December 20

EU and Israel -- EU struggling to keep up with Israeli settlement plans, EU Observer

Euro crisis -- All hope not lost. The euro has survived 2012, but it will be a long time before it is cured, Economist

Britain -- Timothy Garton Ash, A referendum on Europe? Bring it on, for all our sakes, Guardian

Asia Pacific -- Patryk Pawlak (ed), Look East, act East: transatlantic agendas in the Asia Pacific, EUISS

December 19

Russia -- Thomas L. Friedman, Pussy Riot, Tupac and Putin, New York Times

Britain -- Britain will be weaker without EU, says USA, Daily Telegraph

Britain -- CTR Distinguished Fellow John Bruton, What to expect if the UK leaves the EU, Huffington Post

Britain -- Sven Biscop, The UK and European defence: leading or leaving?, Chatham House

European defense -- European defense Trends 2012, CSIS

2013 forecast -- Jan Techau, Six stories to watch in Europe in 2013, Carnegie Europe

December 18

Britain -- David Cameron: withdrawal from EU is imaginable, Guardian

Russia -- US Magnitsky Law draws Kremlin ire – but many Russians support it, CS Monitor

EU foreign policy -- Daniel Keohane, Strategic priorities for a common security and defence policy, European Global Strategy

EU foreign policy -- Stefan Lehne, The role of sanctions in EU foreign policy, Carnegie Europe

Hillary Clinton -- Aaron David Miller, Untouchable. Why Hillary Clinton is the Teflon secretary, Foreign Policy

December 17

Euro crisis -- Latest eurozone summit ends in stalemate, Guardian

Euro crisis -- David Cameron runs into French resistance with EU clawback strategy, Guardian

Russia -- Obama signs trade, human rights bill that angers Moscow, Reuters

Russia -- U.S. pro-democracy groups pulling out of Russia, Reuters

China -- Christina Lin, China’s arrival in the "NATO lake" of the Mediterranean, ISPSW

EU peacebuilding -- Marco Overhaus, Mateja Peter, The EU and peacebuilding: South Sudan and the Sahel, SWP

Transatlantic relations -- Stuart E. Eizenstat, Daniel S. Hamilton, Time for new trans-Atlantic partnership, San Francisco Chronicle

Transatlantic relations -- Hans Binnendijk, Pivoting on a new partnership with Europe, San Francisco Chronicle

December 14

Euro crisis -- EU summit delays crucial eurozone moves, Financial Times

Syria -- Andrew S. Weiss, Did Russia just throw Assad under the bus? Not really, Foreign Policy

Britain -- Britain approves fracking for shale gas exploration, New York Times

Energy -- Paul Stevens, Shale Gas Revolution in Europe Unlikely, Chatham House

France -- Elke Larsen, France: the other Pacific power, CSIS

Secretary of state -- Susan Rice, Why I made the right call, Washington Post

Secretary of state -- David Ignatius, The case for John Kerry as secretary of state, Washington Post

December 13

Russia -- Thomas E. Graham, Dmitri Trenin, Why the reset should be reset, IHT

Russia -- U.S.-funded democracy NGO pulls out of Russia, Foreign Policy

Turkey -- Assertive Turkey key to U.S. in shifting Middle East, Reuters

Germany -- Hans-Ulrich Klose, Why Germany is short on foreign policy experts, IP Journal

Euro crisis -- Sebastian Dullien, Jose Ignacio Torreblanca, What is political union?, ECFR

Euro crisis -- Justin Vaïsse et al, Brookings survey on Eurozone progress, Brookings

Euro crisis -- Crisis in Euroland: Year in review, CFR

Transatlantic economy -- Why a US-EU trade pact would be historic, CS Monitor editorial

December 12

Germany -- Merkel's dispassionate approach to the Euro crisis, Spiegel

Balkans -- No EU accession talks for Serbia and Macedonia, EU Observer

Afghanistan -- Jonathan Steele, A decade of western folly has erased hope from Afghanistan, Guardian

Transatlantic trade -- As developed world struggles, talk of a U.S.-E.U. trade deal intensifies, Washington Post

US foreign policy -- Andras Simonyi, Conrad Black, Can Obama improve America's reputation?, Huffington Post

US foreign policy -- Frederick Kempe, America’s second chance at global leadership, Reuters

December 11

EU Nobel -- EU receives Nobel Peace Prize, European Voice

EU Nobel -- Van Rompuy, Barroso, Nobel acceptance speech, EC

Italy -- Monti resignation causes fears of renewed euro turbulence, Guardian

Italy -- New FT/Harris poll: Italians receptive to Berlusconi?, FT blog

Eurozone banking union -- The German way or no way, EU Observer

Eurozone banking union -- Berlin refuses to relent as summit approaches, Spiegel

Georgia -- Neil Buckley, Georgia’s winner-takes-all logic, FT blog

Afghanistan -- Judy Dempsey, No easy exit for NATO in Afghanistan, IHT

Shale gas -- Tim Boersma, Corey Johnson, Risks and potentials of the shale gas revolution, SWP

Transatlantic relations -- Anti-Americanism down in Europe, but a values gap persists, Pew

Future of the West -- Hubert Védrine, Decline is a choice. The West has nothing to fear but fear itself, Foreign Policy

Global forecast -- Global trends 2030: Alternative worlds, National Intelligence Council (NIC)

December 10

Syria -- Russia and US in Geneva talks over future of Syria, Guardian

Syria -- James Dobbins, Syria, the case for intervention, Financial Times/RAND

Russia -- Russian assembly set for tough response to U.S. rights bill, Reuters

Russia -- Magnitsky avenged: Sound and fury, Economist

Russia -- EU under pressure to draft Magnitsky list, Moscow Times

Italy -- Mario Monti's resignation, Economist

Scandinavia -- Alyson JK Bailes, Lessons from our friends in the North, Chatham House

EU Nobel Peace Prize -- Robert Cooper, Europe’s eyes on the prize, Project Syndicate

EU Nobel Peace Prize -- Ulrich Speck, Why the EU deserves the Nobel Peace Price, Open Democracy

Middle East -- Zaki Laïdi, Bye-bye, Middle East?, Project Syndicate

Transatlantic relations -- John Shattuck, The US needs to reengage with Europe, Boston Globe

US power -- Philip Stephens, Forget the fiscal cliff: buy America, Financial Times

December 7

Syria -- Shashank Joshi, The West must prepare for Syria's endgame, Daily Telegraph

Britain -- A British exit from the EU would be a reckless gamble, Economist

EU -- EU diplomatic service cautious on tough global stage, BBC

Central Europe -- Pawel Swieboda, Central Europe's worries about U.S. foreign policy, Foreign Affairs

US and Russia -- Russia fumes as U.S. Senate passes Magnitsky law aimed at human rights, Washington Post

Georgia -- Thomas de Waal, No America in the Caucasus. The false promise of westernization in Georgia, Foreign Affairs

December 6

Syria -- Recognizing the opposition in Syria, Room for debate, New York Times

France and Nato -- Laurent Fabius, France and NATO, New York Times/France Diplomatie

Russia, Ukraine -- An abduction shines light on Ukraine asylum policy and on Kremlin methods, New York Times

Transatlantic economy -- David Ignatius, A free-trade agreement with Europe?, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- Philip Whyte, What a banking union means for Europe, Centre for European Reform

December 5

Syria -- NATO warns Syria not to use chemical weapons, Reuters

EU and Israel -- EU considers response to Israeli settlement building plans, Reuters

EU and Israel -- Laurent Fabius, William Hague, Palestinians’ right to a state, Times

Euro crisis -- Alex Barker, Will Germany hold up the banking union?, FT blog

Russia and Turkey -- Dimitar Bechev, Putin’s visit rekindles the Russia-Turkey affair, CNN blog

Russia and Georgia -- Vasili Rukhadze, Russia is pushing Georgia into accepting more concessions, EDM

December 4

Transatlantic relations -- Dan Hamilton, US-EU relations during Obama's second term, CTR

Transatlantic relations -- Edward Lucas, Obama 2.0 and Europe: The dreams of our fathers, CEPA

Belarus -- Rodger Potocki, The balance sheet on Belarus, CEPA

Ukraine -- Anders Aslund, Ukraine’s flawed elections: A silver lining?, CEPA

Russia -- Putin to visit Brussels as 'Eurasian Union' leader, Euractiv

Russia -- Pavel K. Baev, Putin attempts a comeback as his leadership becomes precarious, EDM

December 3

Egypt -- EU’s Egypt plan faces acid test, Wall Street Journal blog

Georgia -- Georgian foreign minister: Saakashvili officials are ‘criminals and guilty', Foreign Policy

Russia -- Russia says has new evidence against opposition leader, Reuters

Germany -- German weapons for the world: How the Merkel doctrine is changing Berlin policy, Spiegel

EU -- Clyde Prestowitz, Farewell to Europe, Foreign Policy

EU -- Thomas Klau, A country called Europe fills UK sceptics with fear, Irish Times

November 30

Mideast -- UN vote marks EU defeat for Israel, EU Observer

Mideast -- Statement by EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on the Middle East peace process, EU Council

Mideast -- Stewart M. Patrick, Israel loses European support on Palestinian statehood, CFR

Transatlantic relations -- Hillary Clinton, U.S. and Europe: A revitalized global partnership, speech at Brookings

Transatlantic relations -- Carl Bildt on EU foreign policy and transatlantic relations, speech at CSIS

Georgia -- Edward Lucas, Trembling in Tbilisi, Economist

Ukraine --  Taras Kuzio, Ukraine facing economic and financial instability, EDM[tt_news]=40161

Poland -- Andrew A. Michta, A U.S. Air Force detachment in Poland presents a strategic opportunity, GMF blog

European defense -- Andrea Gilli, After austerity: futures for Europe's defence industry, EUISS

Secretary of State -- Walter Russel Mead, Can Ambassador Rice make peace with Republicans?, American Interest

November 29

Palestinians -- Germany backtracks on Palestinian bid; Israeli official: 'We lost Europe', Haaretz

Britain -- Tony Blair, Europe, Britain and business, beyond the crisis, Chatham House

France -- Martin Michelot, Could Syria be a test of France’s reemergence?, GMF blog

Russia -- Mystery death of Magnitsky informant causes fear, EU Observer

Georgia -- Georgia prime minister takes on the Washington Post, Foreign Policy

Transatlantic relations -- Hans Kudnani, U.S., Europe: Get ready for estrangement, CNN blog

November 28

Transatlantic relations -- Martin Schulz, Europe in crisis? The prospects for a renewed EU-US partnership, speech at CTR

Transatlantic relations -- EPP group members in Washington DC to push for EU-US trade agreement, press release

Transatlantic relations -- Obama shields US airlines from EU’s carbon scheme, Euractiv

Georgia -- Georgia’s government takes a wrong turn, editorial, Washington Post

Palestinians -- EU countries declare position on Palestine's UN bid, EU Observer

Britain and EU -- Tony Blair's stark warning if Britain 'falls away' to EU margins, Guardian

Secretary of State -- Angry Republicans set stage for showdown with Obama over Susan Rice, Guardian

November 27

EU -- Honor Mahony, EU budget summit exposes weak Franco-German relations, EU Observer

EU -- John Rentoul, Camerkel! A love affair at the heart of Europe, Independent

Germany -- Judy Dempsey, Values slide from top of Merkel's list, IHT

Mideast -- Dennis Ross, America’s responsibility in the New Middle East, The New Republic

Secretary of State -- David Rothkopf, Let Obama pick his secretary of state, Foreign Policy

Secretary of State -- Nicholas Lemann, How Susan Rice sees the world, New Yorker

US foreign policy -- Stewart M. Patrick, Back to the future? Ikenberry and Deudney’s democratic internationalism, CFR

November 26

Transatlantic economy -- Trade deal between U.S. and Europe may come to the forefront, New York Times

Transatlantic economy -- Jean Pisani-Ferry, Should Europe emulate the US?, Project Syndicate

UK and EU -- Timothy Garton Ash, Britain is standing on a ledge, while Europe screams, 'Don't do it!', Guardian,

UK and EU -- Jackie Ashley, A brief glimpse of a better Europe, then back to reality, Guardian

Russia -- Amid crackdown on NGOs, U.S. group moves staff out of Russia, Moscow Times

Ukraine -- Taras Kuzio, West not yet ready to slap sanctions on Yanukovych, Kyiv Post

Ukraine -- Alexander J. Motyl, West-Ukraine relations marked by indifference, Kyiv Post

November 21

Mideast -- Obama, showing support for Israel, gains new leverage over Netanyahu, New York Times

Mideast -- Martin Indyk, The Re-Pivot. It's time for Obama to put his focus back on the Middle East, Foreign Policy

Mideast -- Robert Kagan, United States can’t pivot away from Middle East, Washington Post

Mideast -- Dennis Ross on the search for a truce in Gaza, Globe and Mail

Syria -- Syria rebels win support from Britain, Reuters

Syria -- Turkey agrees Syria missile defense with NATO members, Reuters

Britain and the EU -- Peter Kellner, The UK and a referendum on Europe, Esharp

Britain and the EU -- Ulrich Speck, The real value of the EU for Britain is geopolitical, ECFR blog

Ukraine -- Oleg Varfolomeyev, Ukraine starts to import gas from Europe, cuts imports from Russia, EDM

Russia -- Anders Aslund, How Putin is turning Russia into one big Enron, Moscow Times

November 20

UK -- Gideon Rachman, Europe would lose if Britain left the union, Financial Times

UK -- Charles A. Kupchan, Albion at the EU exit door, IHT,

UK -- Britain must avoid EU exit vote: CBI business lobby, AFP

Syria -- Syrian opposition wins EU backing, European Voice

Syria -- France eyes Middle East influence, image with Syria gamble, Reuters,

EU defense -- Ten European states agree military air tanker cooperation, Reuters

Russia -- Pavel K. Baev, Setbacks and squabbles in Russia’s foreign policy, EDM

Russia -- Former U.S. State Dep't official Pifer asks, 'Are the Russians ready to reengage?', RFE/RL

China -- China says US overtakes EU as its top export market, AFP

November 19

Israel -- EU countries urge Israel not to invade Gaza, EU Observer

UK -- Britain 'sleepwalking towards EU exit' under Cameron, says Labour, Guardian

UK -- If Britain leaves Europe, we will become a renegade without economic power, editorial, Guardian

EU summit -- Gavin Hewitt, Europe fighting over money, BBC

Russia -- Germany and Russia clash on human rights, Reuters

Russia -- Ingo Mannteufel, Merkel's new Russia policy, Deutsche Welle

Russia -- Dmitri Trenin, Russia and Europe still need each other, Carnegie Europe

Russia -- Targeting Russia’s offenders, Washington Post

Moldova -- Moldova blocks Russian plan to expand presence in Transdniestra, Reuters

EU energy -- Margarita Assenova, EU and US policy on South Stream remains ambiguous, EDM

Croatia -- The Balkans after the acquittal of two Croatian generals, Carnegie Europe

November 16

UK -- Europe’s British problem, Economist

France -- Disagreements with Germany over Europe could spell big trouble, Economist

EU -- John Bruton, What if the EU broke up?, CTR

EU -- Stephen Fidler, Europe's lingering crisis augurs badly for its clout, WSJ blog

Russia and Germany -- Barbs abound in Russian-German consultations, Spiegel

Russia -- Gazprom feels the chill as its dominance is weakened, Guardian

November 15

Russia -- Susan Corke, David J. Kramer, Russians are afraid – and for good reason, Moscow Times

Germany and Russia -- Merkel faces balancing act in Kremlin, Moscow Times

Germany and Russia -- Lilia Shevtsova, David J. Kramer, Germany and Russia: The end of Ostpolitik?, American Interest

Germany and Russia -- Matthias Schepp, Only dialogue can ease Moscow-Berlin tensions, Spiegel

November 14

Syria -- France grants its recognition to Syria rebels as U.S. waits, New York Times

Russia -- Russia's Putin signs law extending definition of treason, Reuters

Russia -- Frosty relations with Russia begin to thaw after Obama’s re-election, New York Times

Russia -- Russia trade, human rights bill advances in U.S. Congress, Reuters

Ukraine -- Vice President Biden tells Yanukovich of concern over Ukraine election, Reuters

Transatlantic relations -- Francis G. Burwell, It's time for free trade with Europe, US News

Transatlantic relations -- Vale de Almeida: Europe matters, is 'not a problem' for the US, Euractiv

November 13

Syria -- Election over, U.S. cautiously mulls Syria options, Reuters

EU and Russia -- Judy Dempsey, E.U. weary of power of Russian gas, IHT

US foreign policy -- Obama considering John Kerry for job of defense secretary, Washington Post

US foreign policy -- Robert Kagan, How the fiscal crisis puts national security at risk, Washington Post

November 12

US and Israel -- Thomas L. Friedman, My President is busy, New York Times

Germany and EU -- Speech by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel in the European Parliament in Brussels

Transatlantic relations -- Tyson Barker, A second Obama administration and Europe, Bertelsmann

US foreign policy -- David Ignatius, Foreign tests for Obama, Washington Post

US foreign policy -- Robin Niblett, A tough second term for Obama on foreign policy, Chatham

NATO -- F. Stephen Larrabee et al, NATO and the challenges of austerity, RAND

November 9

Transatlantic free trade -- It is time to push for transatlantic free trade, Economist

Transatlantic free trade -- Commissioner 'optimistic' of speedy start to EU-US trade talks, The Parliament

Germany and Russia -- The shocking Mr Schockenhoff. Germany is increasingly prepared to be tough with Vladimir Putin, Economist

US foreign policy team -- The dream team, Foreign Policy

November 8

Obama’s victory -- The world on Obama, New York Times

Obama’s victory -- What Germany expects from Obama, Spiegel

Transatlantic relations -- Richard Youngs, Obama II: Don’t under-estimate the divergence, FRIDE blog

Transatlantic relations -- Europe eyes trade pact with Obama, New York Times blog

Germany and Britain -- Merkel and Cameron deadlocked ahead of summit, Spiegel

Germany and Britain -- Mats Persson, Germany is losing patience with Britain, Daily Telegraph

Italy -- Gary J. Schmitt, Italian hard power: Ambitions and fiscal realities, AEI

Russia -- Nick Cunningham, Is Russia's grip on European energy weakening?, Esharp

November 7

Abroad, Obama’s victory brings demands for attention, New York Times

In Middle East, relief not euphoria at Obama win, Reuters

Obama victory spells trouble for Israel's Netanyahu, Reuters

Europe welcomes Obama's win, Spiegel

Relief in Brussels, Wall Street Journal blog

 “Obama 2.0” urged not to disappoint, European press review, presseurop

Barack Obama is re-elected as US President – our experts react, LSE blog

Tyson Barker, Obama victory to further euro-crisis clash with Berlin, Spiegel

November 6

US election -- Who does the world want to win?, Guardian

US election -- Benjamin Fox, What's at stake for Europe as America votes?, EU Observer

US election -- James Dobbins, The national security consensus, Foreign Policy

Middle East -- Shadi Hamid, Middle East lost, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Jan Techau, Russia's geopolitical Gazprom blunder, Carnegie Europe

Russia -- Jeffrey Mankoff, Russia’s failure to modernize undermines relations with United States, CSIS

Russia -- Dmitri Trenin, Resetting the reset, Foreign Policy

Transatlantic relations -- Heather A. Conley, The transatlantic test, Foreign Policy

Transatlantic relations -- Jean Pisani-Ferry, Tim Geithner and Europe’s phone number, Bruegel

November 5

Kosovo -- Elizabeth Pond, Overcoming reticence toward Kosovo essential for Serbian entry into EU, IP Journal

Kosovo -- Judy Dempsey, Europe cannot do soft power, Carnegie Europe

EU foreign policy -- EU military chief: EU becoming 'marginal' in Asia-centric world, EU Observer

EU foreign policy -- Joschka Fischer, Provincial Europe, Project Syndicate

Transatlantic relations -- Josef Joffe, The turn away from Europe, Commentary

November 1

Syria -- Clinton explains State Department efforts to build new Syrian opposition council, Foreign Policy

UK -- Cameron defeated in EU budget freeze vote, EU Observer

Kosovo -- Corruption reigns in Kosovo despite EU millions, EU Observer

Russia -- Alan Riley, Commission v. Gazprom: The antitrust clash of the decade?, CEPS

Russia -- Olga Oliker, Russian nuclear exercises display Putin's misguided priorities, RAND

Germany -- Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, Too much alarm, ECFR

US election -- Anne Applebaum, Why should foreigners care who wins the White House?, Slate

US election -- Thomas P.M. Barnett, The sad truth about a second Obama presidency, Globlogization

October 31

Balkans -- U.S. and EU push for progress in troubled Balkans, Reuters

Balkans -- Daniel Hamilton and Vedran Dzihic, Unfinished Business, the Western Balkans and the International Community, CTR

Syria -- Obama administration works to launch new Syrian opposition council, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Andrei Soldatov, Now, almost anyone is a traitor, Moscow Times

Euro crisis -- Berlin's "town hall" on the euro crisis. Is versus ought in the European crisis, Economist

Euro crisis -- Blair calls for directly elected European president, referendum

Euro crisis -- Jan Techau, The Franco-German chill, Carnegie Europe

EU crisis -- Uwe Puetter, The European Council has become the new centre of political gravity in EU decision-making, LSE blog

US foreign policy -- David Milne, Pragmatism or what? The future of US foreign policy, Chatham

US foreign policy -- Bartosz Wiśniewski, Republicans on U.S. foreign policy: Romney’s reluctant embrace of neoconservatism, PISM

US foreign policy -- Christopher Coker, US power: Both candidates will be constrained by the same strategic choices, RUSI

US foreign policy -- Assessing American power: Defence and security survey 2012, RUSI

World order -- Daniel M. Kliman, The West and global swing states, International Spectator

October 30

Euro crisis -- Interview with ECB President Mario Draghi: “We couldn't just sit back and do nothing”, Spiegel

Germany and UK -- Germany makes case for British EU membership, EU Observer

US warfare -- Kurt Volker, What the U.S. risks by relying on drones, Washington Post

US Foreign Policy -- David Milne, Pragmatism or What? The future of US Foreign Policy, Chatham House

US Foreign Policy -- Bartosz Wiśniewski, Republicans on US Foreign Policy: Romney's Reluctant Embrace of Neoconservatism, PISM

US Foreign Policy -- Daniel M. Klieman, The West and Global Swing States, Italian Journal of International Affairs

October 29

Iran -- European Parliament cancels trip to Iran over activists, Reuters

Iran -- Britain says opposed to strike on Iran "at this moment", Reuters

Syria -- François Heisbourg, Intervening in Syria the right way, Washington Post

Georgia -- Teemu Sinkkonen, Georgian dream or nightmare? Transition of power poses great challenges for Georgia, FIIA

October 26

Ukraine -- Alexander J. Motyl, Rajan Menon, Five more years of Yanukovych, Foreign Affairs

Ukraine -- Olga Shumylo-Tapiola, The three uncertainties of Ukraine’s parliamentary elections, Carnegie Europe

Russia -- John Lough, Rosneft replaces Gazprom as super-champion, Moscow Times

Russia -- Sergei Guriev, Aleh Tsyvinski, Sechin and the commanding heights? Russia’s market economy is losing its last important bastion, Project Syndicate

Russia -- Russian opposition says activist kidnapped, as Putin government steps up pressure, Washington Post

Germany and Russia -- Judy Dempsey, Is Germany getting tough on Russia?, Carnegie Europe

Syria -- François Heisbourg, Intervening in Syria the right way, Washington Post

Turkey -- Philip Stephens, Turkey stumbles on the road to Damascus, Financial Times

Balkans -- Elizabeth Pond, Running out ???of time in the Balkans, World Policy blog

Britain and the EU -- Ulrich Speck, Why Britain is vital for the EU, Carnegie Europe

Europe and Asia -- Tomas Valasek, Europe and the ‘Asia Pivot’, New York Times

Transatlantic relations -- Clara Marina O'Donnell, US foreign policy after the presidential election: What should Europeans expect?, CER

October 25

Ukraine -- Hillary Clinton, Catherine Ashton, Ukraine’s troubling trends, New York Times

Ukraine -- Alexander J. Motyl, Rajan Menon, Five more years of Yanukovych, Foreign Affairs

Syria -- EU fears spillover from Syrian war could draw in entire region, Irish Times

Euro crisis -- Interview with Romano Prodi, Euractiv

Euro crisis -- Hans-Werner Sinn, Europe’s path to disunity, Project Syndicate

US campaign -- Obama overwhelmingly preferred to Romney, World Public Opinion

October 24

Lebanon -- EU, US warn against political vacuum in Lebanon, AFP

UK -- Contrasting visions of the European Union’s future, New York Times

UK -- William Hague, Europe at a crossroads: what kind of Europe do we want?, UK foreign office

Ukraine -- Anders Aslund, The malaise in Ukraine, Foreign Policy,

Transatlantic relations -- Jeffrey Anderson, At stake in November: a certain kind of leadership in the transatlantic relationship, EUISS

US foreign policy -- Stewart M. Patrick, Reflections on the foreign policy debate, CFR

US foreign policy -- Zaki Laidi, Obama’s underachieving foreign policy, Project Syndicate

October 23

Presidential debate -- The third Presidential debate, video and transcript, New York Times

Presidential debate -- Dana Milbank, Foreign policy a bit foreign in final debate, Washington Post

Presidential debate -- Edward Luce, Debate reflects an inward-looking America, Financial Times

Presidential debate -- Sally A. Painter, The foreign policy debate America deserves, Huffington Post

National security -- Kurt Volker, Five most urgent national security issues next president will face, Christian Science Monitor

Georgia -- Neil Buckley, Georgia: living the Dream?, Financial Times blog

Britain -- Alan Cowell, Surviving the infirmity of two unions, IHT

Britain -- Alex Massie, Will Cameron be the prime minister who lost the UK as we know it?, Foreign Policy

Separatism in Europe -- Tony Barber, Why separatism is an exaggerated threat to Europe, Financial Times blog

France and Germany -- Is the Franco-German axis kaput?, Spiegel

October 22

EU summit -- EU summit leaves controversial issues untouched, Guardian

EU summit -- Janis A. Emmanouilidis, Stepping stone to an ambitious deal? – the results of an ‘intermediate summit’, EPC

UK -- Cameron talks tough before EU negotiations, Financial Times

Russia -- Radio Liberty hiring new team, executive says, Moscow Times

US campaign -- Monday’s debate puts focus on foreign policy clashes, New York Times blog

US campaign -- In final debate, Obama and Romney to offer differing views of America’s role in the world, Washington Post

US campaign -- James Traub, Last hope, Foreign Policy

October 19

Euro crisis -- European leaders agree to create single banking regulator, Washington Post

UK -- Philip Stephens, Brexit: Europe loses patience with London, Financial Times

Turkey -- Amanda Paul, Turkey-EU relations: time to rebuild trust, EPC

Turkey -- Suzy Hansen, Turkey's Prime Minister wants war in Syria, Turks don't, The New Republic

Russia -- Pavel Felgenhauer, While continuing to back Damascus, Moscow tries to carry on with Ankara, EDM

Russia -- John Vinocur, The E.U. goes after Gazprom, New York Times

Russia -- Ariel Cohen, Putin’s new ‘Fortress Russia’, New York Times

US and Germany -- Ian Bremmer and and Mark Leonard, U.S.-German relationship on the rocks, Washington Post

October 18

Transatlantic economy -- EU and US to start negotiations on free-trade deal in spring 2013, Reuters

France -- Ian Traynor, François Hollande's criticism is bold - and risky, Guardian

UK -- As crisis widens, fears that Britain aims to exit European Union, New York Times

UK -- James Forsyth, Cameron will announce an EU referendum by Christmas, Spectator

UK -- Peter Oborne, Why the Tories are ready to risk detonating the Brussels bomb, Daily Telegraph

Ukraine -- Taras Kuzio, Eight reasons why Ukraine's Party of Regions will win the 2012 elections, EDM

EU's global role -- Javier Solana, A Europe for the world, Project Syndicate

October 17

US campaign -- Second presidential debate, video and transcript, New York Times

US campaign -- Stewart Patrick, Obama and Romney on foreign policy: Beyond the rhetoric, some genuine differences, CFR

Syria -- Richard Cohen, Obama and Romney's empty talk on Syria, Washington Post

Syria -- Anne-Marie Slaughter, Overcautious Obama, Project Syndicate

Euro crisis -- Hollande fires warning shot at Merkel over austerity on eve of EU summit, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Steven Erlanger, Talks on Euro zone approach, this time under calmer conditions, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Liaquat Ahamed, Will the Euro survive?, Brookings

Euro crisis -- Europe's separatists gain ground in crisis, Reuters

October 16

Libya attack -- Clinton: I'm responsible for diplomats' security, CNN

Libya attack -- Blake Hounshell, Clinton jumps on the Benghazi grenade, Foreign Policy

Euro crisis -- Germany's Schäuble presents master plan for Euro, Spiegel

UK and EU -- Planned justice opt-out sets stage for EU battle, Financial Times

UK and EU -- Britain losing allegiance to the EU, Spiegel

EU defense -- EU to plan military training mission for Mali, Reuters

Russia -- Vladimir Ryzhkov, Anatomy of Putin's battle against the opposition, Moscow Times

Scotland --  Anthony Faiola, Britain, Scotland sign deal to allow independence vote, Washington Post

October 15

EU summit -- Europe prepares for another Franco-German tussle in Brussels, Guardian

Nobel Peace Prize -- Stewart M. Patrick, Europe’s lifetime achievement award: The Nobel Prize, CFR

Nobel Peace Prize -- Steven Blockmans, EU global peace diplomacy, CEPS

EU and maritime security -- Jonathan Holslag, Security and peace in the Eurasian Sea and what it means for Europe. BICCS,%20connected,%20and%20contested%20(final).pdf

European defense -- Europe risks giving up on defence, Financial Times

US campaign -- Sherle R. Schwenninger, The missing economic debate, New America

October 12

Nobel Peace Prize for the EU -- Nobel peace prize win leaves Brussels in raptures and Eurosceptics sour-faced, Guardian

Nobel Peace Prize for the EU -- Reaction as EU wins Peace Prize, Reuters

Nobel Peace Prize for the EU -- Gideon Rachman, Does the EU deserve its Nobel?, Financial Times blog

Nobel Peace Prize for the EU -- Anton La Guardia, Hmmm, Economist blog

Nobel Peace Prize for the EU -- Mark Leonard, The EU’s Nobel: but can peace survive the euro crisis?, ECFR blog

Biden and Ryan -- On foreign policy, rivals differing in style but often similar in substance, New York Times

Biden and Ryan -- An impressive draw, Economist blog

Biden -- James Traub, The Biden Doctrine. How the vice president is shaping President Obama's foreign policy, Foreign Policy

European defense -- EADS and BAE Systems: A European mega-merger? Nein, danke, Economist

Russia -- Pavel Felgenhauer, While increasingly anti-Western, Russia needs foreign military technology, EDM

October 11

European defense -- EADS, BAE call off world's biggest arms merger, Reuters

European defense -- Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Historic chance grounded by petty politics, Financial Times

Russia -- Russia won't renew pact on weapons with U.S., New York Times

UK -- Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, What if Britain left the European Union?, Christian Science Monitor

October 10

Libya -- Ambassador died in smoke while agents searched for him, Bloomberg

Britain -- David Cameron backs referendum on Europe, Guardian

Euro crisis -- IMF warns of threat to EU banks from capital flight, Guardian

Belarus -- David Marples, Belarus’s foreign policy: Twists and turns, EdM

Russia -- Pussy Riot nominated for EU prize, European Voice

Mideast -- Thomas Friedman, It’s not just about us, New York Times

Romney -- Douglas B. Wilson, Spencer P. Boyer, James Lamond, So what is Romney’s foreign policy?, Reuters

October 9

Romney -- Mitt Romney's remarks at Virginia Military Institute, Foreign Policy

Romney -- Romney speaks harshly but treads fine line on foreign policy, New York Times

Romney -- Romney foreign policy speech called vague, Politico

Romney -- Walter Russel Mead, Romney's foreign policy: A weary America must lead, American Interest

Romney -- Justin Vaisse, Bruce Riedel, Michael E. O'Hanlon, Clara M. O'Donnell, Mitt Romney's foreign policy agenda, Brookings

Romney -- Roula Khalaf, Romney - a candidate lacking Middle East nuance, Financial Times

EU single market -- Sebastian Dullien, The euro crisis is threatening the EU single market, ECFR

October 8

UK -- Peter Kellner, Who might win a British referendum on Europe?, ECFR

European defense -- BAE-EADS: Defence of the realm, Financial Times

Obama -- James Traub, Better late than never. How naive self-confidence led Barack Obama astray, before prudence brought him back, Foreign Policy

Romney -- Romney's strong debate showing puts Europe on edge, Reuters

Romney -- James M. Lindsay, How different would a Romney foreign policy be?, CFR

Romney -- Danielle Pletka, Romney’s missing foreign policy, New York Times

US foreign policy -- Robert Zoellick, The currency of power, Foreign Policy

US foreign policy -- Joseph S. Nye, Declinist pundits, Foreign Policy

October 5

Syria -- Anne Applebaum, Assad’s barbaric endgame, Slate

Syria -- Aryeh Neier, It’s time to establish a no-fly zone over Syria, Daily Star

Syria -- Soner Cagaptay, Syria becomes a wedge between U.S. and Turkey, Washington Post

Campaign 2012 -- A world of troubles, Economist

Campaign 2012 -- Romney national security transition team takes shape, Foreign Policy

Transatlantic relations -- Charles Gati, The U.S. and Central and Eastern Europe in the 21st century: Promoting democracy, security, or both?, Hungarian Spectrum

October 4

Germany -- Merkel emulates Kohl German unity turning euro crisis into votes, Bloomberg

Germany -- John Vinocur, Merkel’s plan B?, New York Times

Germany -- Daniela Schwarzer, Kai-Olaf Lang, The myth of German hegemony, Foreign Affairs

Georgia -- James Brooke, Is Ivanishvili a Trojan horse for Russia’s return to Georgia?, VOA

October 3

Georgia -- Georgia's president concedes defeat in parliamentary election, New York Times

Georgia -- Ian Bremmer, Georgia's Rose revolution will not wilt, Financial Times

Georgia -- Thomas de Waal, Georgia is having a democratic counterrevolution, Bloomberg

Georgia -- Senators praise historic Georgian elections, Foreign Policy

Georgia -- The new titan of Tbilisi, Foreign Policy

Afghanistan -- Nato withdrawal from Afghanistan could be speeded up, says Rasmussen, Guardian

Germany and US campaign -- Adrian Eppel, How Germans view the US presidential race, Aspen

Euro crisis -- Steven Philip Kramer, The return of history in Europe, The Washington Quarterly

October 2

Georgia -- Georgia's president accepts his party lost poll, Reuters

Georgia -- Liveblog: Parliamentary elections in Georgia, RFE/RL

Turkey and the EU -- AK Party drops EU goal from long-term foreign policy outlook, Today's Zaman

Mideast -- US warns European governments against supporting Palestinians at UN, Guardian

Eastern Mediterranean -- Adnan Vatansever, David Koranyi, Energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean: Promise and peril, ECFR

Campaign 2012 -- Aaron David Miller, Mitt Romney's terrible Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, Foreign Policy

US foreign policy -- FPI National Survey: Foreign Policy matters in 2012, FPI

Transatlantic relations -- Transworld, a research project on the transatlantic relationship and the future global governance

European defense -- Judy Dempsey, A first step to European military ties, IHT

October 1

Germany -- Does Peer Steinbrück have the stuff to be chancellor?, Spiegel

Georgia -- Jackson Diehl, A deeply polarizing election in Georgia, Washington Post

Georgia -- Bernard Kouchner, Georgia: A democracy, albeit an imperfect one, Huffington Post

Campaign 2012 -- Thomas L. Friedman, The world we're actually living in, New York Times

Campaign 2012 -- Mitt Romney, A new course for the Middle East, Wall Street Journal

Transatlantic relations -- Atlantic Dialogues in Morocco, German Marshall Fund

September 28

Syria -- Michael Doran, Max Boot, Five reasons to intervene in Syria now, IHT

Germany -- Steinbrück to challenge Merkel for chancellery, Spiegel

Britain -- David Cameron to try to avoid major row over Europe at Tory conference, Guardian

Georgia -- Edward Lucas, Move over Misha, Economist

Afghanistan -- Gilles Dorronsoro, Waiting for the Taliban in Afghanistan, Carnegie

Europe and Asia-Pacific -- Ulrich Speck, A strategic approach toward the Asia-Pacific, Carnegie Europe

September 27

Iran -- Stephen J. Hadley, Eight ways to deal with Iran, Foreign Policy

Mali -- US and France divided over response to Mali crisis, Reuters

Germany -- Former chancellor Kohl urges Merkel to 'fight for Europe', Spiegel

Georgia -- Thomas de Waal, Georgia holds its breath, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Anders Aslund, Big setbacks give Gazprom impetus for change, Moscow Times

Sweden -- Senior Fellow Elizabeth Pond reports on Sweden's secret Cold War ties to NATO.

September 26

Obama at the UN -- Mr. Obama’s refreshing defense of free speech, editorial, Washington Post

Obama at the UN -- President Obama at the U.N., editorial, New York Times

Obama at the UN -- President Obama speaks to the United Nations General Assembly, Video and transcript, White House

UK -- Clegg tells of tough choices over Europe, Financial Times

France and Germany -- Charles Grant, Hollande, the Germans and 'political union', Centre for European Reform

Czech Republic -- Czech foreign minister: The West is losing to Putin, Foreign Policy

US and Europe -- Hillary Clinton talks euro, urges fair vote in Ukraine, Georgia, AFP

Campaign 2012 -- Peter Beinart, Why Obama has gone on political offensive against Romney over Iran, New America Foundation

Campaign 2012 -- Michael White, The U.S. election as seen by a European, European Institute

Campaign 2012 -- Clara Marina O'Donnell, What Romney would mean for Europe

Transatlantic economy -- EU rejects U.S. claim to have weaned Boeing off subsidies

September 25

Libya -- Clinton offers more U.S. help as Libya battles militias, Reuters

Libya -- In the Middle East, a pro-American turn, editorial, Washington Post

Egypt -- Clinton reassures Egypt's Mursi on U.S. assistance, Reuters

Arab Spring -- Helene Cooper, Robert F. Worth, In Arab Spring, Obama finds a sharp test, New York Times

Germany -- Germany considers new cultural institute in US, Spiegel

Central Europe -- Philip H. Gordon, U.S. relations with Central Europe, State Department

Belarus -- Parliamentary vote leaves Belarus despot stronger, Spiegel

Russia -- Kicked off airwaves, Radio Liberty rethinks strategy, Moscow Times

Russia -- Should the U.S. be a political player in Russia?, Room for debate, New York Times

EU foreign policy -- Jan Techau, How not to improve EU foreign policy, Carnegie Europe

US election -- Michael O’Hanlon, 2 candidates' views on defense, Politico

US election -- Romney campaign stirs climate unease in Brussels, Euractiv

September 24

Muslim world -- Marc Lynch, The failure of #Muslimrage, Foreign Policy

Poland and Britain -- Edward Lucas, Sikorski in Oxford, Economist

Poland and Britain, Radek Sikorski, speech in Oxford, Polish Foreign Ministry,Radoslaw,Sikorski,in,Britain,to,spoke,out,in,favour,of,Europe,57917.html

Germany -- An interview with Guido Westerwelle, Carnegie Europe

Russia -- Cumbersome Gazprom losing its clout, Washington Post

Russia -- David J. Kramer, Obama must take on Putin, Moscow Times

Georgia -- Joshua Kucera, Washington looks at Parliamentary elections as litmus test, Eurasianet

Georgia -- In post-Soviet Georgia, democracy faces critical test, Washington Post

Afghanistan -- Rory Stewart, Time to be honest about Afghanistan, Financial Times

September 21

EU and China -- China pledges continued support to resolve euro crisis, AFP

EU and China -- China tells EU to end arms ban, EU Observer

Arab protest -- William McCants, The sources of Salafi conduct. Harsh politics in the New Middle East, Foreign Affairs

British foreign policy -- Philip Stephens, British foreign policy should be realist, Financial Times

September 20

Muslim world -- Richard Wike, Why the Muslim world hasn't warmed toward America over the past four years, Foreign Policy

Afghanistan -- Arif Rafiq, So much for the good war. It's time to admit that Obama's Afghanistan strategy is a total failure, Foreign Policy

China -- Joshua Chaffin, Alan Beattie, West wrestles with China trade links, Financial Times

UN -- Stewart M. Patrick, U.S. priorities at the UN General Assembly, Council on Foreign Relations

European defense -- Some EU states may no longer afford air forces, Reuters

September 19

US and Russia -- Julia Ioffe, Russia tries to kill U.S. democracy promotion once and for all, The New Republic

US and Russia -- David J. Kramer, Will Obama stand up against Putin's abuses?, Washington Post

EU and Russia -- EU Gazprom probe a threat to Putin's power: Kasparov, AFP

EU and Russia -- Matthew Bryza, Europe takes on Gazprom at last, Bloomberg

EU foreign policy -- EU heavyweights call for radical foreign and defence policy overhaul, Guardian

Britain -- Ian Traynor, That cross-Channel gap is becoming too wide to bridge, Guardian

September 18

US and Arab unrest -- Leslie H. Gelb, Mysteries of the Middle East riots, Daily Beast

US and Arab unrest -- Marc Lynch, The embassy protests and the Arab uprising, Foreign Policy

Obama -- Gideon Rachman, Obama not to blame for Middle East anger, Financial Times

Obama -- Richard Cohen, The price of Obama’s leading from behind, Washington Post

Obama -- Paul Richter, Obama's foreign policy approach: Act cautiously, and not alone, Los Angeles Times

Romney -- Samuel R. Berger, Red Lines over Iran. Romney has adopted Netanyahu's timetable for war, Foreign Policy

Germany -- Europe needs unity, economic success for global say: Merkel, AFP

Germany -- Germans long for D-Mark, poll shows, EU Observer

Euro crisis -- Radek Sikorski, Guido Westerwelle, A new vision of Europe, New York Times

EU and China -- Richard Youngs, Three Chinese tests for Europe, Esharp

September 17

US and Arab world -- Steven A. Cook, Meet the new boss.The US is poised to remain the dominant power in the Middle East, Foreign Policy
US and Israel -- David Ignatius, Puzzled by a red-line demand, Washington Post
UK -- Lawrence Summers, Britain risks a lost decade, Financial Times

Ukraine-Reuters, US warns that Ukraine risks failing election test

September 14

US and Arab world -- Robert Kagan, The proper U.S. response to Cairo attack, Washington Post

US and Arab world -- Murder in Libya, Economist

US and Arab world -- Michael Young, America just cannot be the loved one, Daily Star

US and Arab world -- Amid Mideast turmoil, aides say what a President Romney would do, New York Times

Israel -- Obama rebuffs Netanyahu on setting limits on Iran’s nuclear program, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Game change? The euro zone’s leaders have turned a corner, Economist

France -- Eric Pape, Playing defense. Hollande is trying to persuade France that his administration isn't sinking, Foreign Policy

Kosovo -- Tim Judah, Kosovo and independence: Another step, Economist

Kosovo -- Mikulas Dzurinda, What’s next for Kosovo?, ECFR blog

EU and Russia --The EU squeezes Gazprom. Russia retaliates, Economist

September 13

US and Libya -- Shadi Hamid, Don't give up on the Arab Spring, Foreign Policy

US and Libya -- Marc Lynch, Moments of truth in Libya and Egypt, Foreign Policy

US and Libya -- James Traub, The tragic optimism of an American diplomat, Foreign Policy

US and Libya -- Martin S. Indyk, In remembrance of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Brookings

Romney -- Mr. Romney's rhetoric on embassy attacks is a discredit to his campaign, editorial, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- German court ruling seen as key breakthrough for euro, AFP

Euro crisis -- Europe's new banking plan gets cool German response, Reuters

Euro crisis -- Barroso: "We will need to move towards a federation of nation states", Euractiv

Euro crisis -- Clive Crook, Germany's currency nostalgia is badly off the mark, Bloomberg

Euro crisis -- Project Europe clears legal hurdle but Merkel holds key to political union, Guardian

Netherlands -- Dutch PM Rutte wins election as pro-euro parties sweep, Reuters

France -- Kemal Dervis, Europe's vital French connection, Project Syndicate

Transatlantic relations -- Transatlantic Trends survey, GMF

September 12

Euro crisis -- Ian Traynor, European Central Bank's powers grow but can it really save the eurozone?, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Interview with Helmut Schmidt and Valery Giscard d'Estaing about the Euro crisis, Spiegel

EU and Russia -- Alan Riley, Gazprom vs. the Commission, Wall Street Journal

EU and Russia -- Kremlin shields Gazprom from EU probe, Financial Times

EU and Russia -- EU's Ashton concerned about Russia muzzling opposition, AFP

US and Russia -- Putin says Romney stance shows Russia right about missile shield, Reuters

Romney and Europe -- Romney election triumph would sink US reputation in Europe, poll finds, Guardian

September 11

Euro crisis -- Gideon Rachman, Democracy loses in struggle to save euro, Financial Times

Euro crisis -- Roger Cohen, Super Mario to the rescue, New York Times

Georgia -- Urmas Reinsalu, Georgian democracy and Russian meddling, Wall Street Journal

Georgia --  Shaun Walker, The billionaire with a Georgian dream, Independent

Defense -- Gary Schmitt, The West's 'hard power' deficit, Los Angeles Times,0,7106604.story

US foreign policy -- Views on US foreign policy: 2012 Survey, Chicago Council

US foreign policy -- Bruce Stokes, Have Americans turned inward?, CNN blog

September 10

Euro crisis -- George Soros, The tragedy of the European Union and how to resolve it, NYRB

EU -- Michelle Egan, The forgotten single market, SAIS

Balkans -- Kosovo to Serbia: Time to face reality, EU Observer

Balkans -- Tim Judah, The Balkans and the EU: Integrated circuit, Economist

Germany -- Judy Dempsey, Germany's Jews and the controversy over circumcision, Carnegie Europe

EU and Russia -- EU warns Russia to play by WTO rules or face action, Reuters

EU and Russia -- Taming Gazprom, editorial, Financial Times

Security -- Claudia Hofmann, Reasoning with rebels. International NGOs' approaches to engaging armed groups, SWP

US foreign policy -- Michael O'Hanlon, Where the candidates stand on defense, CNN blog

US foreign policy -- David Milne, Pragmatism or what? The future of US foreign policy, Chatham House

US foreign policy -- Foreign Policy and the Obama-Romney race. Interview with  James M. Lindsay, CFR

US foreign policy -- Fred Kaplan, A changing of the guard. The Democratic Party is now the dominant foreign-policy party, Slate

September 7 

Euro crisis -- Huge step taken by Europe’s bank to abate a crisis, New York Times

Euro crisis -- ECB signals resolve to save euro, editorial, Financial Times

Syria -- France sends funds to 5 Syrian civic groups in rebel-held areas, New York Times

Israel -- U.S. congressman confirms high-level U.S.-Israel spat over Iran, Reuters

Russia -- Putin says missile deal is more likely with Obama, New York Times

Russia -- Kremlin backs its dog in EU-Gazprom fight, EU Observer

September 6 

Central Europe -- Edward Lucas, Off the boil: Why Central Europe can't get excited about the U.S. Presidential race, CEPA

EU and Middle East -- Israeli leader urges EU to blacklist Hezbollah, EU Observer

EU and China -- Ian Traynor, Solar panel spat threatens trade war between China and Europe, Guardian

Transatlantic energy -- David Koranyi, An emerging transatlantic rift on energy?, ACUS

Transatlantic relations -- Stanley R. Sloan, America's Euro fatigue, ACUS

US foreign policy -- Will Marshall, Renewing America's fighting faith. Cold-blooded realism is not enough to safeguard America's interests and promote its values, Foreign Policy

September 5

Euro crisis -- Jan Techau, Don’t expect political union anytime soon, Carnegie Europe

EU and China -- Guy de Jonquières, Wanted: a European China policy, CNN blog

EU and Russia -- Brussels opens probe into Gazprom, Financial Times

Russia -- Dmitri Trenin, Building a better bear. Can Russia reform its military without scaring the US?, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Bullish on the bear. Interview with Leon Aron, Foreign Policy

Azerbaijan -- Hungary, Armenia and the axe-murderer: Blunder in Budapest, Economist

Azerbaijan -- Hrant Kostanyan, Azerbaijan tests EU credibility, EU Observer

Scotland -- Scotland paves way for vote on independence from Britain, Reuters

European defense -- Interview with Jolyon Howorth, European Geostrategy blog

US foreign policy -- Thomas L. Friedman, It’s Mitt’s world, New York Times

US foreign policy -- John Kerry, R is for reckless. Why the Republicans can't be trusted with national security, Foreign Policy

US foreign policy -- Democrats hail Obama on foreign policy, Boston Globe

September 4

Euro crisis -- Ian Traynor, European leaders face very hot autumn as they battle to save euro, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Timothy Garton Ash, Can Europe survive the rise of the rest?, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Timothy Garton Ash, The crisis of Europe. How the Union came together and why it's falling apart, Foreign Affairs

Euro crisis -- Nader Msousavizadeh, Erik Jones, A world without Europe spells danger and woe, Financial Times

Euro crisis -- Jean Pisani-Ferry, Federalism or bust for Europe?, Project Syndicate

Britain -- Hans Kudnani, The British question, ECFR

Bosnia -- Michael Haltzel, The centrifuge that is Bosnia, Washington Post

Burma -- Charles Grant, Burma: An EU foreign policy success, CER

Russia -- Anders Aslund, Putin's bad-neighbor policy harms Russia the most, Daily Star

Russia -- Matthew A. Rojansky, Nikolas Gvosdev, The U.S. should still talk to Russia, New York Times

Romney's foreign policy -- Michael A. Cohen, Pretty vacant. The Republican Party seems out of ideas on how to run America's foreign policy, Foreign Policy

Romney's foreign policy -- Brian Katulis, Republicans, in search of a foreign policy, New York Times

Romney's foreign policy -- Bruce W. Jentleson, Charles A. Kupchan, A dangerous mind. Mitt Romney's foreign policy is a return to a neoconservative ideology, Foreign Policy

Romney's foreign policy -- Peter D. Feaver, Sound and sensible. Mitt Romney's foreign policy would echo the best of America's bipartisan traditions, Foreign Policy

Romney's foreign policy -- Jackson Diehl, Understanding Obama's and Romney's foreign policy differences, Washington Post

July 31

Romney -- Elliott Abrams, The 3 ways Romney challenged Obama's foreign policy while in Israel, The Atlantic

Romney -- Gideon Rachman, If you liked George W. Bush, you’ll love Mitt Romney, Financial Times

Poland -- Benjamin Weinthal, How Obama lost Poland, Foreign Policy

Romania -- Back to square one, Economist

Tunisia -- Washington prepares to ramp up military cooperation with Tunisia, Foreign Policy

Transatlantic defense -- Hans Binnendijk, Widening gaps in U.S. and European defense capabilities and cooperation, SAIS

Transatlantic defense -- NATO reassurance and nuclear reductions: Creating the conditions, SAIS

July 30

Romney in Israel -- Romney backs Israeli stance on threat of nuclear Iran, New York Times

Romney in Israel -- Walter Russel Mead, Mitt needs to make Israel count, American Interest

Euro crisis -- German support for Merkel's crisis handling erodes, Reuters

Euro crisis -- Germans say they're 'better off without euro', AFP

Euro crisis -- Ulrich Speck, The European nation state is here to stay, Carnegie Europe / Real Clear World

Euro crisis -- Otmar Issing, Europe’s political union is an idea worthy of satire, Financial Times

Transatlantic free trade -- John Vinocur, For E.U. leaders, a political dare, IHT

Russia -- Russia will not let EU search its ships for Syria arms, Reuters

July 27

Euro crisis -- Central Bank chief vows to fight for euro, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- Spain and Italy: Another weak link in the euro zone, Economist

Euro crisis -- Euro EUphemism. Hollande is trying to wriggle out of Germany’s demand for more political union, Economist

Euro crisis -- Thomas Wright, What if Europe fails?, Brookings

Serbia -- Ex-aide to Milosevic takes power in Serbia, unnerving EU, Reuters

Russia -- Vladimir V. Kara-Murza, The Kremlin’s blacklist, Washington Post

US campaign 2012 -- Alistair Burnett, Mitt meets the Brits, Foreign Policy

US campaign 2012 -- Fareed Zakaria, Failure to launch, Time,9171,2120500,00.html

US foreign policy -- Condoleezza Rice, US must recall it is not just any country, Financial Times

July 26

Moldova -- Anders Aslund, Why Moldova has turned its back on Russia, Moscow Times

EU human rights -- Lambrinidis named as human-rights envoy, European Voice

Transatlantic relations -- Patryk Pawlak, Eleni Ekmektsioglou, America and Europe's pacific partnership, The Diplomat

US campaign 2012 -- Romney takes cold warrior message abroad, Financial Times

US campaign 2012 -- Annette Heuser, Tyson Barker, Romney's trans-Atlantic policy needs a reboot, Spiegel

July 25

Syria -- Conservatives call on Obama to establish ‘safe zones’ in Syria, Foreign Policy

Syria -- Western troops 'increasingly likely' to intervene, Guardian

Euro crisis -- EU rushes to make ECB single bank watchdog in race to save Spain, Bloomberg

Euro crisis -- Janis A. Emmanouilidis, Europe’s ambitious muddling through, Project Syndicate

Euro crisis -- Josef Janning, Political Union: Europe's defining moment, EPC

EU and Israel -- EU strengthens ties with Israel despite criticism, AFP

Afghanistan -- Michael F. Harsch, Scott Smith, How NATO states can seize the opportunities of shrinking resources in Afghanistan, ISN

Central Europe -- Jakub J. Grygiel et al, Navigating uncertainty: U.S.-Central European relations 2012, CEPA

European energy -- Polish MEP: EU has better shale gas rules than the US, Euractiv

Transatlantic economy -- Nicolas Véron, Guntram B. Wolff et al, Transatlantic economic challenge in an era of growing multipolarity, Bruegel

Transatlantic relations -- Mark Leonard, The end of the affair, Foreign Policy

US campaign 2012 -- Walter Russel Mead, Governor Romney’s big foreign policy address: The first can’t be the last, American Interest

July 24

Eurozone crisis -- Moody’s warns eurozone core, Financial Times

Eurozone crisis -- EU in race against the clock to create a banking union, Guardian

Iran -- Iran, EU officials seek common ground for renewing nuclear talks, Bloomberg

July 23

Euro crisis -- Gavin Hewitt, Spain's euro woes: Crisis deepens, BBC

Euro crisis -- Bank watchdog will test Euro-zone nations' flexibility, Wall Street Journal

Italy -- Italy's Monti in Russia to boost energy cooperation, Reuters

Russia -- A hedge fund manager's crusade against Putin, Spiegel

Nato -- Clara M. O'Donnell, The implications of military spending cuts for NATO's largest members, Brookings

July 20

Syria -- Richard Haass, Time to drop the Annan plan, CNN

Britain -- David Cameron: I’ll never campaign to take us out of Europe, Daily Telegraph

Britain -- UK defense chief to NATO: Pull your weight in Europe while US handles China, AOL

Hungary -- Judy Dempsey, Orban has gone too far, Carnegie Europe

EU energy -- David Koranyi, European energy security: Southern gas corridor on the move, ACUS

US foreign policy -- Hillary Clinton, The art of smart power, New Statesman

US foreign policy -- Obama, on the trail, p?lays for time on foreign policy, New York Times

US foreign policy -- David Brooks, Where Obama shines, New York Times

July 19

Syria -- David Ignatius, Looking for a Syrian endgame, Washington Post

Russia -- Zaki Laidi, Russia’s concern is to deny victory to the west, Financial Times

Romania -- Europe rebukes Romania on democratic efforts, New York Times

Poland -- Economic gloom in Europe barely touches proud Poland, New York Times

Kosovo -- Morgan Greene, Jonathan Friedman, Richard Bennet, Rebuilding the police in Kosovo, Foreign Policy

Uzbekistan -- Roger McDermott, Uzbekistan prepares for the NATO drawdown, EDM

US and Iraq -- Sally Painter, Withdrawal from Iraq shouldn’t equal abandonment, Politico

Iran -- Americans favor diplomacy over military action on Iran by almost 4 to 1, The Atlantic

Arab spring -- Olivier Roy, The transformation of the Arab world, Journal of Democracy

Arab spring -- Laurel E. Miller et al, Prospects for democratization in the Arab World, RAND

EU security -- James Rogers, Why a new European security strategy isn’t needed, European Geostrategy blog

July 18

US and Russia -- In trade deal with Russia, U.S. plans sanctions for human rights abuses, New York Times

EU and Japan -- Brussels to push for Japan trade deal, Financial Times

Britain -- Jan Techau, The dangerous British malaise, Carnegie Europe

Turkey and Syria -- Ian Lesser, Turkey and Syria: The Middle Eastern risks NATO cannot ignore, GMF

July 17

Syria -- Richard N. Haass, Into Syria without arms, Project Syndicate

Iran -- Stewart M. Patrick, Iran, the bomb, and U.S. public opinion, CFR

Egypt -- Steven A. Cook, The decline of American influence, Cairo Review

EU and Africa -- EU to send experts to Niger to counter al Qaeda threat, Reuters

Euro crisis -- Chancellor Schröder's legacy: Germany's leading role in weakening the Euro, Spiegel

Central Europe -- Judy Dempsey, The EU's flawed enlargement strategy, Carnegie Europe

Central Europe -- Tomas Valasek, What Central Europe thinks of Britain and why, CER

Belarus -- Andrej Dynko, Europe's last dictatorship, New York Times

Energy -- Sorting frack from fiction: Shale gas’s poor image in Europe is largely unjustified, Economist

Energy -- EU energy chief Oettinger warns of deindustrialisation, Reuters

July 16

Clinton in Egypt -- Clinton's calls fall flat in Egypt political fight, AP

Romania -- Alina Inayeh, Fixing Romania's broken carousel, GMF

Greece -- Daniela Schwarzer, A new approach in and for Greece, SWP

Britain -- Britain's continental drift away from the European Union, Washington Post

Britain -- Survey 2012 on British attitudes towards the UK's international priorities, Chatham House/YouGov

July 13

Italy -- Erik Jones, The Italian job, Esharp

Germany -- Bruce Stokes, Are Germans really opposed to bailouts?, BBC

Romania -- Romania and democracy: Putsch-up job, Economist

Russia -- Pavel Felgenhauer, Moscow ready for a confrontation with the West over Syria, EDM

Russia -- Vladimir Gelman, Putin's fear strategy is losing its edge, Moscow Times

Turkey -- The Turkish-Iranian alliance that wasn't, Foreign Affairs

Turkey -- Robin Wright, A case for not fearing islamism, The Atlantic

EU’s strategic partnerships -- Hans Kundnani, Democracy and the EU's "strategic partnerships", Esharp

July 12

Euro crisis -- Simon Tilford, Has the eurozone reached the limits of the politically possible?, Center for European Reform

Britain -- Hague to review EU law, Financial Times

Hungary -- James Kirchick, Wrong way down the Danube. How Hungary's democratic backsli    ding threatens Europe, Foreign Affairs

EU and Asia -- Jonas Parello-Plesner, The EU as an Asian partner, ECFR, East Asia Forum

Russia -- James Nixey, The long goodbye: Waning Russian influence in the South Caucasus and Central Asia, Chatham

Transatlantic security -- Luke Coffey, Keeping America safe: Why U.S. bases in Europe remain vital, Heritage

July 11

Euro crisis -- Spain given deadline to outline cuts, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Merkel and Hollande - building a "grand bargain", Reuters

Euro crisis -- EU leaders fail to convince, Wall Street Journal

Britain -- John Springford, Britain should not go Swiss, CER

Romania -- Andrei Plesu, Democracy loses as Romania spins out of control, Spiegel

Transatlantic relations -- Paul Saunders, Paula Dobriansky, How about a free-trade deal with Europe?, ACUS

July 10

Libya -- Libya’s all-important post-election steps, editorial, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- Euro zone fragmenting faster than EU can act, Reuters

Transatlantic relations -- Judy Dempsey, Obama or Romney, Europe is in for disappointment, IHT

July 9

Euro crisis -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, German president tells Angela Merkel to come clean on EU debt deal, Daily Telegraph

Euro crisis -- Wolfgang Münchau, Eurozone crisis will last for 20 years, Financial Times

Euro crisis -- Pascal Lamy, Europe needs a legitimacy compact, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Richard J. Evans, Europe on the verge of a nervous breakdown, New Statesman

Euro crisis -- Charles A. Kupchan, Fraying European unity, CFR

Euro crisis -- Frederick Kempe, Angela Merkel, Europe's weary mountaineer, ACUS

Euro crisis -- David Marquand, Europe’s missing union, IHT

Russia -- Mr. Putin tightens the screws, editorial, Washington Post

EU foreign policy -- Stefan Lehne, The big three in EU foreign policy, Carnegie Europe

Transatlantic security -- Patryk Pawlak, Clara Marina O'Donnell, Are Europeans a better transatlantic security partner than meets the eye?, CER

July 6

Germany -- Doubts over Merkel's Euro path grow at home, Spiegel

Germany -- Merkel's popularity up, backing over euro firm, Reuters

Germany -- Marc Champion, Angela Merkel vs. 160 angry German economists, Bloomberg

Britain -- Timothy Garton Ash, Britain needs a vote on Europe – but not now, Guardian

Russia -- Kremlin seeks to brand activists 'foreign agents', Spiegel

July 5

Germany -- Doubts over Merkel's Euro path grow at home, Spiegel

Germany -- Merkel's popularity up, backing over euro firm, Reuters

Germany -- Marc Champion, Angela Merkel vs. 160 angry German economists, Bloomberg

Britain -- Timothy Garton Ash, Britain needs a vote on Europe – but not now, Guardian

Russia -- Kremlin seeks to brand activists 'foreign agents', Spiegel

July 4

Iran -- Iran nuclear talks are to continue as their tone heats up, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Euro bank supervisor faces hurdles, Wall Street Journal

Euro crisis -- Clive Crook, Europe’s abysmal crisis management, Bloomberg

Euro crisis -- Martin Wolf, A step at last in the right direction, Financial Times

Euro crisis -- Daniel Gros, A baby step towards banking union, CEPS

EU and UK -- Barroso castigates British conservatives, New York Times

Nato -- R. Nicholas Burns, Damon Wilson, Jeff Lightfoot, Anchoring the alliance: Poland, Italy, Spain, and Canada stepping up, ACUS

Nato -- Michael Paul, Missile defense: Problems and opportunities in NATO-Russia relations, SWP

Middle East -- Paul D. Miller, The fading Arab oil empire, National Interest

July 3

Euro crisis -- Daniel Gros, A baby step to banking union, European Voice

Euro crisis -- Karel Lannoo, Eurozone as home country of Banks, CEPS

Euro crisis -- Edwin M. Truman, The terrible cost of inaction in Europe, PIIE

Germany -- German dominance in doubt after summit defeat, Spiegel

Germany -- Euro defeat for Merkel? Only time will tell, Reuters

Germany -- Elizabeth Pond, Germany’s iron lady: A defense of Angela Merkel, World Policy

Britain -- Britain cannot maintain 'status quo' on Europe: PM, AFP

Britain -- Gideon Rachman, Blackmail cannot be UK’s Europe policy, Financial Times

France -- France faces budget cuts to meet European target, New York Times

Central Europe -- Edward Lucas, The Euro-zone crisis: Changing the political map of Europe, CEPA

Russia -- Putin seeks to show he won’t buckle to U.S., Washington Post

Transatlantic economy -- Plug in to a trans-Atlantic trade pact, Editorial, San Francisco Chronicle

July 2

EU summit -- Eurozone leaders rise to challenge but details missing, AFP

EU summit -- White House encouraged by eurozone summit, AFP

Britain and EU -- UK's Hague urges new relationship before referendum on EU, AFP

Britain and EU -- David Cameron, We need to be clear about the best way of getting what is best for Britain, Daily Telegraph

EU’s political culture -- Istvan Deak, Where’s Charlemagne when we need him?, New York Times

Russia -- Toby Gati, Obama and Putin take the measure of each other at the G-20 in Los Cabos: What next?, Valdai Club

June 29

EU summit -- Eurozone bank bailout deal throws lifeline to Spain and Italy, Guardian

EU summit -- EU clinches deal to combat crisis: what was agreed, AFP

EU summit -- EU deal lifts euro, cuts Spain, Italy debt yields, Reuters

U.S. health care and U.S. economy -- Will Marshall, Prescription for decline, Foreign Policy

U.S. health care -- What the health care ruling means for you, Marketwatch

Russia -- Michael Weiss, Putin's got America right where he wants it, Foreign Policy

June 28

Euro crisis -- Germany offers vision of federalism for the European Union, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- At outset of Brussels summit meeting, the one thing missing is confidence, New York Times

Euro crisis -- No solution in sight ahead of key EU summit, Spiegel

Euro crisis -- Eastern EU members attack bank plan, Reuters

Euro crisis -- Jana Grittersova, Can Eastern Europe escape the eurozone crisis?, Euractiv

Euro crisis -- Charles Grant, Needed: a Franco-German concordat, CER

June 27

Turkey and Syria -- Ross Wilson, Turkey's prudent management ends Syria crisis, ACUS

US and Russia -- Russia "outraged" over Senate passing Magnitsky bill, Reuters

Russia and Israel -- Putin's whirlwind Middle East tour, Foreign Policy

Euro crisis -- US presses Europe ahead of crunch summit, AFP

Euro crisis -- EU prods Germany with fiscal plan, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Merkel isolated but firm ahead of crunch EU summit, AFP

Euro crisis -- “A tragic, historical mistake by the Germans”, interview with George Soros, Spiegel

Transatlantic economy -- U.S.-EU trade pact would set global example, Siemens CFO Says, Business Week

June 26

Nato and Syria -- NATO condemns Syria over downed Turkish plane, Reuters

Euro crisis -- Will Marshall, Should Germany focus less on austerity and more on reforms?, CNN blog

Euro crisis -- Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, What is next in Europe?, PIIE   

Euro crisis -- Leaders draft federal plan to save the eurozone, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Speech by President Barroso ahead of the European Council: "Moving Europe Forward", European Commission

Euro crisis -- Towards a genuine Economic and Monetary Union. Report by President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy

Euro crisis -- Completing the Euro. A road map towards fiscal union in Europe, Notre Europe

Euro crisis -- Julian Lindley–French, European Political Union: What would it look like?, ACUS

EU democracy promotion -- EU creates pro-democracy fund, EU Observer

June 25

Germany -- Interview with finance minister Schäuble: “We certainly don't want to divide Europe”, Spiegel

Germany -- Benjamin Fox, Reluctant Angela Merkel must choose between Europe and austerity, New Statesman

Germany -- Anatole Kaletsky, Can the rest of Europe stand up to Germany?, Reuters

Germany -- Simon Tilford, Germany's own goal: Why Berlin's sense of invulnerability will be its undoing, CER

Euro crisis -- Jon Wolman , Europe's problems are world's problems, Detroit News

June 22

Euro crisis -- IMF challenges Germany to approve eurozone rescue measures, European Voice

Euro crisis -- Monti ups the stakes ahead of EU summit, EU Observer

Euro crisis -- Josef Joffe, Mrs Merkel's Germany is Europe's one musketeer, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Lukewarm support for EU super-president, EU Observer

Germany -- Almut Moeller, Roderick Parkes (eds), Germany as viewed by other EU member states, CEPS

Germany and Russia -- “Germany Year” in Russia: Event in Moscow reveals cooling ties with Berlin, Spiegel

German energy -- Kirsten Westphal, Security of gas supply. Four political challenges under the spotlight, SWP

Euro Cup 2012 -- Heather A. Conley, Matthew Melino, Greece versus Germany in the Euro Cup quarterfinals: More than a match, CSIS

European defense -- Christian Mölling, Pooling and sharing in the EU and NATO, SWP

EU and Asia -- Ulrich Speck, Security in Southeast Asia is Europe’s business too, Carnegie Europe

Transatlantic relations -- András Simonyi, Andrea Baumann, Power as a mindset: Why separate toolboxes won’t work for Europe and the United States, Transatlantic Magazine

June 21

Iran -- U.S. urged to confront Iran on nuclear work, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, Germany can't save Europe on its own, CNN

Euro crisis -- Aaron Tornell, Frank Westermann, Europe needs a federal reserve, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Lukewarm support for EU super-president, EU Observer

EU’s borders -- Judy Dempsey, Europe builds a higher fortress at its peril, Carnegie Europe

Russia -- Anders Aslund, Putin's Eurasian illusion will lead to isolation, PIIE

Transatlantic relations -- András Simonyi, Power as a mindset: Why separate toolboxes won’t work for Europe and the United States, Transatlantic Magazine

Berlin -- Robert Rivard, Berlin: City of change, cranes and bicycles, Rivard Report blog

June 20

G20 -- G20 backs Europe's overhaul to fight crisis, Reuters

G20 -- Euro-zone leaders tired of criticism from abroad, Spiegel

G20 -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, G20 summit: perils of a half-baked rescue for Spain and Italy, Daily Telegraph

Euro crisis -- John Makin, Germany will decide if the Euro survives the summer, RealClearMarkets

Syria -- Obama: China, Russia not signed on for Assad's removal, Reuters

Iran -- Iran nuclear talks fall short, Washington Post

Iran -- A nuclear impasse with Iran, editorial, Washington Post

Russia -- Hillary Clinton, Trade with Russia is a win-win, Wall Street Journal

Russia -- Andrew S. Weiss, Putin's waiting game, Foreign Policy

June 19

G20 -- Barack Obama meets with Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Politico

G20 -- EU to G20: We will not take economic lessons, EU Observer

Euro crisis -- Larry Summers, Avoiding a global catastrophe, Washington Post

Egypt -- Sara Khorshid, The betrayal of Egypt’s revolution, New York Times

Egypt -- Steven A. Cook, Military power play in Egypt, CFR

Egypt -- Nick Witney, Europe must not accept Egypt's military coup, ECFR

Egypt -- Egypt’s generals grab for power, Washington Post

South Caucasus -- Leaders call for end to Armenia-Azerbaijan war, New York Times

June 18

Greece -- G7 applauds European support for Greece, AFP

Greece -- First relief, then skepticism after Greece votes, IHT

France -- French Socialists vow reforms after big poll win, Reuters

France -- France turned a deep shade of pink, Economist

Euro crisis -- G20 to press Europe for lasting fix for debt crisis, Reuters

Euro crisis -- Whatever euro's fate, Europe's reputation savaged, Reuters

US and Russia -- Obama to press Putin on Syria at G20 amid skepticism, Reuters

US and Russia -- Dmitri Trenin, Realigning the reset, New York Times

US and Russia -- Punish the Russian abusers, editorial, Washington Post

Transatlantic economy -- EU-U.S. free trade deal offers painless stimulus for both, editorial, Bloomberg

June 15

Egypt -- Marc Lynch, That's it for Egypt's so-called transition, Foreign Policy

Euro crisis -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Debt crisis: ECB last hope as dam breaks in Spain, Daily Telegraph

Euro crisis -- Angela Merkel tells rest of Europe to get real about eurozone crisis, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Gavin Hewitt, The European countdown, BBC

Euro crisis -- Jonathan Weil, The EU smiled while Spain’s banks cooked the books, Bloomberg

Montenegro -- Edging towards Europe, Economist

Turkey and Syria -- Emrullah Uslu, Turkey revises its policy toward Syria, EDM

Turkey and Syria -- Soner Cagaptay, Will Turkey force Obama's hand on Syria?, CNN blog

Syria -- Daniel Byman, No more half measures: It's time for Washington to back the opposition, Foreign Policy

Iran -- Robert Wright, Obama's drift toward war with Iran, Atlantic

Russia -- Russia and the West: Living with Putin, again, Economist

Russia -- James Greence, Russian responses to NATO and EU enlargement and outreach, Chatham

Transatlantic economy -- Germany's new Export: Jobs training, Wall Street Journal

June 14

Euro crisis -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Germany signals shift on €2.3 trillion redemption fund for Europe, Daily Telegraph

Russia -- Copters in Syria may not be new, U.S. officials say, New York Times

Russia -- Syria crisis and Putin’s return chill U.S. ties with Russia, New York Times

Russia -- Christian Caryl, Why the West shouldn't expect Russia's policy on Syria to change anytime soon, Foreign Policy

Middle East -- David Ignatius, Lebanon sitting on the edge, Washington Post

South Caucasus -- Anar Valiyev, Military clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan threaten stability in region, EDM

June 13

Russia and Syria -- Clinton accuses Russia of selling attack helicopters to Syria, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Debt crisis: Bundesbank scuppers all talk of EU banking union, Daily Telegraph

Euro crisis -- Clive Crook, How Germans botched the Spanish bank bailout, Bloomberg

Euro crisis -- Hans-Werner Sinn, Why Berlin is balking on a bailout, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Charles Grant, Germans, the Euro and the painful truth, New York Times

EU borders -- Amnesty International report says Europe cares more about guarding borders than saving lives, Washington Post, Washington Post

June 12

France -- A boost for Hollande, Economist

France -- Jocelyn Mawdsley, Hollande’s pledge to withdraw French troops from Afghanistan is not as significant as it may seem, EUROPP

Iran -- David Ignatius, A step forward in Iranian nuclear talks, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- Niall Ferguson, How Europe could cost Obama the election, Newsweek

Euro crisis -- Gideon Rachman, We isolate and overload Germany at our peril, Financial Times

Euro crisis -- A sneak peek at tomorrow's Europe, Spiegel

Syria -- Edward Burke, Let Russia show the way on Syria, IHT

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Ukraine -- Steven Pifer, Ukraine’s foreign policy: Losing its balance, Brookings

Georgia -- Vladimir Socor, Hillary Clinton in Georgia: A visit with deliverables, EDM

Nato -- Barry Pavel, Jeffrey Reynolds, Why NATO is a Pacific power, ACUS

June 11

Euro crisis -- Gavin Hewitt, Spanish pride had to give way, BBC

Euro crisis -- Steven Rattner, The Euro’s 11th hour, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Mark Blyth, Matthias Matthijs, The world waits for Germany, Foreign Affairs

Euro crisis -- Walter Russel Mead, More pain in Spain; Europe still has no plan, American Interest

Euro crisis -- Charles S. Maier, Europe needs a German Marshall Plan, New York Times

US foreign policy -- Yochi Dreazen, How Obama and Romney differ—and don't—on foreign policy, Atlantic

June 8

Euro crisis -- Start the engines, Angela, leader, Economist

Euro crisis -- Merkel calls for 'political union' to save the euro, Euractiv

Euro crisis -- Necessity, not inclination, nudges Europeans closer fiscally and politically, New York Times

EU borders -- EU states prepare rules for suspending visa-free travel, Reuters

Russia and China -- Bobo Lo, A partnership of convenience, IHT

Russia and China -- Ahmed Rashid, Russia and China eye role in Afghanistan and Pakistan, BBC

Transatlantic economy -- Jim Costa, A roadmap for transatlantic jobs and growth, European Voice

Transatlantic security -- Jeffrey Stacey, The West at the crossroads: Toward a new transatlantic bargain, CTR

June 7

Euro crisis -- Obama, Merkel, Monti talk on strengthening eurozone, AFP

Euro crisis -- Spain calls for new tax pact to save euro, Guardian

Russia -- Robert Kagan, David J. Kramer, A bill that cracks down on Russian corruption, Washington Post

Russia -- EU says Russia breaking WTO rules ahead of entry, Reuters

Russia -- Putin says to push military ties with China, Reuters

Transatlantic security -- Ivo Daalder, A new shield over Europe, IHT

Libya -- Ronald Bruce St John, A transatlantic perspective on the future of Libya, IAI

EU and Asia -- Constanze Stelzenmüller, Asia to Europe: We need to discuss our relationship, GMF blog

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CTR announces 2012-2013 Gulbenkian Fellowship

June 6

Euro crisis -- US hopes for 'accelerated action' from Europe, AFP

Euro crisis -- Gavin Hewitt, Spain: Resisting a bailout, BBC

Euro crisis -- Clive Crook, U.S. and Europe have no excuse for next recession, Bloomberg

Euro crisis -- Martin Wolf, Panic has become all too rational, Financial Times

Energy -- The shale gas boom: Why Poland is not ready, Transatlantic Academy

June 5

Euro crisis -- E.C.B. under pressure to ride to the Euro's rescue, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Germany is open to pooling debt, with conditions, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Daniel Gros, Democracy vs. the Eurozone, CEPS

EU-Russia summit -- Putin wants closer EU trade ties, skirts Syria, Reuters

Russia -- Pavel K. Baev, Putin opens a new European offensive and plays hard-ball with US, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Syria -- Annan should be talking to Putin to fix Syria, not Assad, editorial, Bloomberg

Syria -- James P. Rubin, The real reason to intervene in Syria: Iran, Foreign Policy

Balkans -- Serbia’s new president revives Balkan tensions by denying Srebrenica massacre was genocide, AP

South Caucasus -- Clinton warns of wider Caucasus conflict, Reuters

Georgia -- Thomas de Waal, Mrs. Clinton goes to Georgia, National Interest

June 4

Euro crisis -- Europe’s financial fog, editorial, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- Charles A. Kupchan, The euro can be saved. Can the E.U.?, Washington Post

Syria -- Joshua Landis, Stay out of Syria, Syria Comment

Mideast -- Daniel Levy, EU diplomacy on Israel/Palestine shifts up a gear, EU Observer

Afghanistan -- Anand Menon, Lies, damn lies and Afghanistan, Esharp

June 1

Syria -- Clinton argues against Syria military intervention, Reuters

Syria -- Anne-Marie Slaughter, Syria s not a problem from hell. But if we don't act quickly, it will be, Foreign Policy

Syria -- Military intervention in Syria? Germany pushes back hard on French warning, Christian Science Monitor

Germany -- Benjamin Weinthal, German president contradicts Merkel on Israel, Jerusalem Post

Germany -- Judy Dempsey, Merkel: Reach out to Russians!, Carnegie Europe

Russia and Belarus -- David Marples, Putin visits Belarus, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Russia -- Pavel Felgenhauer, US ambassador in Russia under fire, again, Eurasia Daily Monitor

France -- Camille Pecastaing, French socialism, take two: Hollande, Moscovici, and European utopianism, Foreign Affairs

Euro crisis and US -- Elections and economics: Grexiting the White House, Economist blog

US foreign policy -- Joshua W. Busby, Jonathan Monten, William Inboden, American foreign policy is already post-partisan, Foreign Affairs

May 31

Syria -- For the White House, a wary wait as Syria boils, New York Times

Germany -- Julian Lindley–French, Europe's new German question, ACUS

Germany -- German-Russian relations enter a new ice age, Spiegel

Russia -- Richard Weitz, The rise and fall of Medvedev’s European security treaty, GMF

Russia -- Julia Joffe, The Undiplomat. Obama's ambassador to Moscow has gotten a rude welcome in Putin's Russia, Foreign Policy

Ukraine -- Timothy Garton Ash, Cameron mustn't visit Ukraine while Tymoshenko remains imprisoned, Guardian

Britain -- David Rennie, The continent or the open sea: Does Britain have a European future?, CER

Euro crisis -- Most aid to Athens circles back to Europe, New York Times

EU public opinion -- European unity on the rocks, Pew Research Center

Nato -- Frederick Kempe, NATO’s biggest security threat is now economic, Reuters

Romney -- Some G.O.P. foreign policy giants are tepid on Romney, New York Times

May 30

Syria -- Romney calls for action on Syria, but his party is divided, New York Times

Syria -- Time for U.S. leadership on Syria, editorial, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- Martin Wolf, The riddle of German self-interest, Financial Times

Transatlantic energy -- Paolo Natali, The U.S. natural gas revolution: Will Europe be ready in time?, Transatlantic Academy

May 29

Egypt -- Marc Lynch, Egypt's depressing run-off, Foreign Policy

Egypt -- Brotherhood's success in Egypt polls masks setback, Reuters

Syria -- Assad faces new international pressure after massacre, Reuters

Syria -- U.S. hopes Assad can be eased out with Russia’s aid, New York Times

Syria -- James Traub, Enough talking, Kofi, Foreign Policy

Euro crisis -- Pawel Swieboda, Austerity bites, but fascism won’t snarl in Europe, Bloomberg

Transatlantic relations -- Judy Dempsey, Transatlantic cooperation on Asia, Carnegie Europe

May 25

Iran -- David Ignatius, The Iranian view on how to strike a deal, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- The future of the European Union: The choice, Economist

Euro crisis -- Mr Hollande and Mrs Merkel are clashing over Eurobonds, Economist

Euro crisis and US -- William A. Galston, How Europe could sink Obama’s election chances—and what he can do about it, Brookings

Azerbaijan -- Azerbaijan and Eurovision: The sound of music, Economist

Azerbaijan -- Judy Dempsey, Europe's silence as Azerbaijan hosts song contest, Carnegie Europe 

German foreign policy -- Ulrich Speck, A pillar of freedom. Germany needs to play a larger role in preserving the liberal world order, IP journal

Human rights -- Hillary Rodham Clinton, Release of the 2011 Human Rights Report, State Department

May 24

Iran -- Robert Dreyfuss, A flicker of optimism on Iran, Diplomat

Euro crisis -- Germany and France clash over eurobonds at summit, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Guido Westerwelle, A growth pact for Europe, Washington Post

Azerbaijan -- Welcoming Eurovision, but not the scrutiny, New York Times

Turkey -- Joshua W. Walker, Emiliano Alessandri, The missing transatlantic link: Trilateral cooperation in the post-Ottoman space, GMF

Nato -- GMF experts on the Chicago summit, GMF

May 23

Iran -- Global powers and Iran meet in Baghdad, New York Times

Iran -- West shifts stance on Iranian sanctions, Financial Times

Iran -- Reuel Marc Gerecht, Mark Dubowitz, An underwhelming approach to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Washington Post

Nato -- Tomas Ries, The lost alliance: NATO in Chicago, New Atlanticist

Nato -- Kurt Volker, Beyond Afghanistan, a weakened NATO can still write its own future, Christian Science Monitor

Afghanistan -- Ahmed Rashid, Why are we abandoning the Afghans?, New York Review of Books

Afghanistan -- Kenneth Roth, Dereliction of duty: the NATO summit offers no concrete plan to protect Afghan rights, Foreign Policy

Euro crisis -- Hollande set for EU summit showdown with Merkel, Reuters

Transatlantic economy -- Broad U.S.-EU trade agreement ties to growth, trade chief says, Bloomberg

Romney’s foreign policy -- James Mann, The Romney foreign-policy agenda, American Prospect

May 22

Nato -- NATO sets 'irreversible' but risky course to end Afghan war, Reuters

Nato -- Missile defense shield in place to protect Europe, NATO chief says, CNN

Nato -- The NATO non-enlargement summit, Foreign Policy

Germany -- Merkel’s isolation among G-8 on economic policy reflects sentiment in Germany, Washington Post

France -- Eric Pape, Mr. Normal's odd government, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Familiar confidants chosen for Kremlin posts, New York Times

May 21

Afghanistan -- NATO to hand combat role to Afghans as it seeks way out of war, Reuters

Iran -- G8, raising pressure on Iran, puts oil stocks on standby, Reuters

Serbia -- Former extreme nationalist becomes Serbian president, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Gavin Hewitt, Europe's dangerous days, BBC

Euro crisis -- Steven Erlanger, Greek crisis poses unwanted choices for Western leaders, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Hollande to confront Merkel on Euro bonds, Spiegel

Britain -- James Rogers, Stopping British declinism – before it starts again, European Geostrategy blog

Syria -- Michael Young, Syria’s war enters third gear, Now Lebanon

May 18

G8 -- Germany, U.S. head to G-8 summit with starkly different economic policies, Washington Post

Transatlantic relations -- Dan Hamilton, Forging a transatlantic partnership for the 21st century, Handelsblatt
German version:

Transatlantic relations -- Tyson Barker, The case for transatlantic geo-economics at the G8, Diplomatic Courier

France -- France eager to avoid Nato clash over Afghanistan troop withdrawal, Guardian

Nato -- Gary J. Schmitt, Patrick Keller, Revitalizing the Atlantic alliance, AEI

Nato -- Des Brown, Volker Rühe, The challenge for NATO in Chicago, New York Times

Nato -- Wolfgang Ischinger, Yes to missile defense, with Russia, New York Times

Nato -- Edward Lucas, Russia and NATO: Rethink the reset, Economist

Nato – Andrea Barbara Baumann and Gergely Varga, One Mission, Many Agendas: No Blueprint in Sight for NATO’s Out-of-Area Operations, Diplomatic Courier

May 17

France -- Hollande taps old hands, new faces for French government, Reuters

France -- Fabius, the man who came in from the cold, Reuters

Syria -- Anne-Marie Slaughter, Three ideas to end the stalemate in Syria, Financial Times

Nato -- F. Stephen Larrabee, Peter A. Wilson, NATO's shrinking resources, RAND

Nato -- Erik Brattberg, Smart partnerships for smart defense, Project Syndicate

Nato -- Daniel Keohane, Does NATO matter for US defence policy?, FRIDE

May 16

Euro crisis -- Merkel, Hollande agree on aim to keep Greece in euro, AFP

Euro crisis -- Concerned about a euro exit, Greeks pull funds from banks, Reuters

Somalia -- Toughening its stand, European Union sends forces to strike Somali pirate base, New York Times

Bosnia -- Mladic goes on trial for atrocities in Bosnia, Reuters

Ukraine -- Ukraine’s windfall offers freedom from Russia, editorial, Washington Post

Germany and China -- Hans Kundnani, Jonas Parello-Plesner, China and Germany: a new special relationship?, ECFR

Nato -- Nicholas Burns, Anchoring the alliance, ACUS

Obama -- Gideon Rachman, Obama’s greatest failure is in foreign policy, Business Day

Global resources -- The struggles for land, energy, food, water, and minerals, Transatlantic academy

May 15

Germany -- Jan Techau, Merkel resilient or Merkel fading?, Carnegie Europe

Romney -- Peter Beinart, Mitt Romney’s foreign-policy disarray reflects GOP disconnect, Daily Beast

Missile defense -- Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO's first step on missile defense, Wall Street Journal

Nato -- Survey: The future of NATO, Foreign Policy

May 14

Euro crisis -- EU leaders set for showdown on fate of euro as crisis deepens, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Charles Grant, How Hollande should handle Merkel, CER

Germany -- Roland Nelles, Germany's Social Democrats return to relevancy, Spiegel

Afghanistan -- Hollande to reassure allies on Afghan Plans: analysts, Defense News

Nato -- Barry Pavel, James Joyner, Can Obama save NATO from disaster at Chicago summit?, Christian Science Monitor

Ukraine -- Audronius Azubalis, Isolating Ukraine is not the answer, Carnegie Europe

Russia -- Dmitri Trenin, The no-show. What's really behind Vladimir Putin's surprising decision to skip the G-8 summit?, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Jackson Diehl, Obama’s misguided wooing of an uninterested Putin, Washington Post

Missile defense -- Steven Pifer, Missile defense in Europe: Cooperation or contention?, Brookings

May 11

Iran sanctions -- European countries seek easing of provision included in Iranian Oil embargo, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Obama: Europe was not decisive on crisis, AFP

Euro crisis -- Germany remains opposed to calls for economic stimulus in Europe, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- Europe’s Achilles heel, Economist

Euro crisis -- Gérard Errera, Hollande will give Europe the jolt it needs, Financial Times

Greece -- Philip Stephens, Greece is falling out of Europe, Financial Times

Turkey and Balkans -- Andrea Despot, Dušan Reljić, Günter Seufert, Ten years of solitude: Turkey and the Western Balkans, SWP

Ukraine -- Tomas Valasek, Soccer boycott could kick Ukraine toward reform, Bloomberg

Russia -- Pavel Felgenhauer, Police brutality reactivates the anti-Putin movement in Moscow, EDM

Nato -- Charles A. Kupchan, NATO: Chicago and beyond, CFR

Nato -- Philip H. Gordon, The NATO summit in Chicago, State Department

May 10

Euro crisis -- Gavin Hewitt, Growth versus austerity, BBC

Israel -- Fareed Zakaria, Under Netanyahu, Israel is stronger than ever, Washington Post

Russia -- Putin not attending Camp David G8, will send Medvedev, Foreign Policy

Germany and Russia -- An alienated partnership: German-Russian relations after Putin's return, FIIA

Transatlantic relations -- Philip H. Gordon, Remarks at the German Marshall Fund, Berlin, State Departement

Nato -- Robert D. Kaplan, NATO's ordinary future, Stratfor

May 9

Syria -- Kerry: Time to consider safe zones and arming the opposition in Syria, Foreign Policy

Euro crisis -- German patience with Greece on the Euro wears thin, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Crisis escalates as insurrection breaks German control of Europe, Daily Telegraph

Euro crisis -- Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, Why Europe’s votes are not a rejection of austerity, GMF blog

Euro crisis -- Amar Bhidé, In praise of the beleaguered Euro, Wall Street Journal

France -- Ian Traynor, Francois Hollande, and why the Germans can rest easy, Guardian

France -- Vivien Pertusot, Defence and foreign policy under President-elect François Hollande, Rusi

France -- Danielle Pletka, Gary J. Schmitt, Zzzzzzz, Hollande, AEI

France -- James M. Lindsay, Hello, François Hollande: President of France, CFR

Serbia -- Tim Judah, Serbia's election: Refreshingly few surprises, Economist

Serbia -- Ivan Vejvoda, Serbia’s belief in the promise of Europe, GMF

Hungary -- Interview US Deputy Assistant Secretary Thomas O. Melia with Magyar Nemzet newspaper: Hungarian democracy is an American interest,

EU -- Peter Mandelson, Britain and the survival of the European project, Policy Network

Nato -- Ivo H. Daalder, Next steps for NATO (Q&A), CFR

May 8

Greece -- Greece at new risk of being pushed off euro, Washington Post

France -- Eric Pape, Mr. Nice Guy. France has chosen François Hollande, Foreign Policy

France -- Change in Paris may better fit U.S. economic positions, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Daniel Gros, Europe’s misguided search for growth, Project Syndicate

Turkey -- Madeleine K. Albright, Stephen J. Hadley, Steven A. Cook, U.S.-Turkey relations: A new partnership, CFR

May 7

France -- Gavin Hewitt, France election: A vote for change, BBC

France -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Francois Hollande has ten weeks to avert a French bond crisis, Daily Telegraph

France -- Guy Sorman, An uncommitted socialist, City Journal

France -- Kemal Dervis, France and Europe with Francois Hollande, Brookings

France -- Dog Saunders, The French are the globalizers – not the globalized, Globe and Mail

France -- Going for growth, but how?, Economist

Russia -- Walter Russel Mead, Russia threatens war; what gives?, American Interest

Hungary -- Kurt Volker, Hungary through the mirror, Wall Street Journal

Greece -- Greek elections shake up Parliament, Los Angeles Times,0,4747308.story

Transatlantic relations -- Kurt Volker, Ieva Kupce (eds), Nordic-Baltic-American cooperation: shaping the US-European agenda, CTR

May 4

Russia -- Russia says preemptive strike on NATO missile system is possible, Los Angeles Times,0,7406737.story

Ukraine -- Ukraine and Europe: Call foul, Economist

France -- Dominique Moisi, Will France turn north, or go south?, IHT

France -- Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, If Hollande wins French election, Europe won't collapse – just shift a bit, CS Monitor

France, Greece -- Steven Erlanger, Results of French and Greek elections could signal shift on economic crisis, New York Times

Bosnia -- Swanee G. Hunt, Wesley K. Clark, Bosnia still needs f?????ixing, New York Times

EU and Asia -- EU looks to its own Asia pivot, Wall Street Journal blog

European defense -- Philip Hammond, Shared security: Transforming defence to face the future, Speech at the British Embassy in Berlin

May 3

Ukraine -- European politics dims Ukraine’s chance to shine, New York Times

Ukraine -- Taras Kuzio, Russia’s growing influence in Ukraine: economics and energy, EDM

Turkey -- EU-Turkey tensions resurface over NATO summit, Euractiv

Cyber crime -- EU seeks US help to fight cyber criminals, EU Observer

Cyber crime -- Cecilia Malmström, The European response to the rising cyber threat, CSIS Roundtable

European defense -- Anand Menon, The sovereignty myth: aka protectionism, Esharp

May 2

Ukraine -- US piles pressure on Ukraine ahead of Euro 2012, AFP

France -- Eric Pape, President Sarkozy's desperate Mayday, Foreign Policy

Nato -- Matthew Symonds, The Chicago NATO Summit: missing an opportunity?, CEPA

May 1

Ukraine -- Euro 2012 faces diplomatic crisis over Ukraine's jailed opposition leader, Guardian

Germany and Ukraine -- Merkel rediscovers a soft spot for human rights, Spiegel,1518,830551,00.html

Russia -- Pavel K. Baev, Medvedev makes his farewell and Putin settles into the old course, EDM

Afghanistan -- Afghan leaders should raise their game: EU ambassador, Reuters

Euro -- Uri Dadush, The euro-exit taboo, National Interest

EU -- Stanley Pignal, Europe in the throes, World Policy

April 30

Turkey -- Nicholas Burns, The rise of Turkey as a superpower, Boston Globe

Germany -- Germany to approve an EU mandate allowing troops to fight Somali pirates along the shore, Welt

Euro crisis -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Hollande's “growth bloc” spells end of German hegemony in Europe, Daily Telegraph

Euro crisis -- Lawrence Summers, Europe’s growth challenge, Washington Post

Euro crisis -- Gideon Rachman, Europe's zero-sum dilemma, National Interest

April 27

Syria -- Obama officials: Annan plan ‘failing’, Foreign Policy

Syria -- The Syrian conundrum: Time to get tougher, Economist

Nato -- Tina Kaidanow, The Chicago summit and U.S. policy, State Department

Nato -- Jamie Shea, Keeping NATO relevant, Carnegie Europe

Nato -- Thom Shanker, Macedonia’s plea for a seat in NATO falls on busy ears, New York Times blog

Transatlantic relations -- Ulrich Speck, A platform for transatlantic dialogue, Carnegie Europe

April 26

Iran -- Israeli military chief: Iran will not build nuclear bomb, Washington Post

Syria -- Kurt Volker, The case for military intervention in Syria, Christian Science Monitor

Syria -- Marc Lynch, Give Annan's Syria plan a chance, Foreign Policy

Ukraine -- Ukrainian politics: Body blow, Economist

France -- Walter Russel Mead, Vive la resistance?, American Interest

Euro crisis -- Uri Dadush, The competitiveness crisis, Foreign Policy

Euro crisis -- Robert J. Samuelson, The Swedish model for economic recovery, Washington Post

April 25

France -- James Poulos, Five reasons that Europe will rue the loss of Nicolas Sarkozy, Foreign Policy

France -- Dorota Liszczyk, The EU in pre-election political discourse in France, PISM

France -- Pierpaolo Barbieri, Why Americans should hope that Nicolas Sarkozy gets re-elected, New Republic

France -- Zaki Laidi, Sarkozy’s failure reflects France’s identity crisis, Financial Times

France -- Walter Russel Mead, Vive la resistance?, American Interest

Russia -- Anders Aslund, Putin's new economic liberalism, Moscow Times

Transatlantic energy -- Aki Kachi, Energy security risk assessment: A transatlantic comparison, AICGS

April 24

France -- France's presidential election: It's Hollande's to lose, Economist

France -- Gideon Rachman, France votes to throw down the gauntlet to Europe, Financial Times

France -- Justin Vaisse, What the first round of the French presidential election means for Europe, Brookings blog

France -- Judy Dempsey, Paris and Berlin, after the French elections, Carnegie

France -- Thomas Klau, Preparing for President Hollande, ECFR

France -- Tony Karon, How France’s presidential runoff could shape Iran diplomacy, Time blog

Euro crisis -- Ian Traynor, Europe's elites feel the backlash, Guardian

Euro crisis -- David Rothkopf, Bleak house: Will Europe's crisis get worse before it gets worse?, Foreign Policy

Euro crisis -- A Europe tired of cutbacks has few alternatives, New York Times

Russia -- Russian envoy warns on U.S. human rights bill, Reuters

Afghanistan -- Zalmay Khalilzad, Some good news from Afghanistan, Foreign Policy

Belarus -- Susan Corke, David Kramer, Belarus: The Faustian bargain, New Eastern Europe

April 23

France -- Gideon Rachman, The surprising resilience of Sarko, Financial Times blog

France -- Thomas Klau, France deserves better than this, Carnegie Europe

France -- Charles A. Kupchan, What France's presidential race means for the U.S. and the world, Atlantic

Sudan -- Paul Salem, Action needed as Sudan heads into war, Carnegie

Iran -- Reuel Marc Gerecht, Negotiations that matter, Weekly Standard

China and Europe -- China, amid uncertainty at home and in Europe, looks to Germany, New York Times

China and Europe -- Francois Godement, China goes for the New Europe in Warsaw, Esharp

Europa and Asia -- Shada Islam, EU-ASEAN prospects, EU-Asia Centre

Macedonia -- Sally Painter, NATO can’t let Macedonia fall by the wayside at Chicago, The Hill

Belarus -- Pavol Demes, Joerg Forbrig, A tale of two brave men, and why Belarusian dissidents still need Europe’s help, GMF blog,

Russia -- Fraser Cameron, Russian foreign policy under Putin, EU-Russia Centre

Euro crisis -- Andrew Moravcsik, Europe after the crisis, New York Times

Transatlantic economy -- Philip Stephens, A transatlantic tale of paralysis, Financial Times

April 20

Syria -- Tamara Cofman Wittes, Options for U.S. policy in Syria, Brookings

France -- Charles A. Kupchan, France's high stakes Presidential vote, CFR

France -- France’s presidential election: The anti-Sarkozy vote, Economist

Euro crisis -- Cinzia Alcidi, Daniel Gros, The Spanish hangover, CEPS

Transnistria -- Matthew Rojansky, 'Frozen' Transnistria conflict begins to thaw, Carnegie

Transatlantic energy -- Paolo Natali, Oil curse, gas blessing? The case for a transatlantic charter on energy trade, GMF blog

April 19

Afghanistan -- U.S. says 2014 troop pullout is on track in Afghanistan, Washington Post

Syria -- Obama administration searches for a ‘Plan B’ in Syria, Foreign Policy

Syria -- EU goes silent on Assad departure, Wall Street Journal blog

EU and Russia -- Ralf Dickel, Kirsten Westphal, EU – Russia gas relations, SWP

Ukraine -- Damon M. Wilson, Ukraine at a crossroads, Washington Post

EU and human rights -- Parliament paves way for EU human rights 'czar', Euractiv

Euro crisis -- The failure of the troika in Athens, SWP

Euro crisis -- Philip Whyte, Governance reforms have left the euro's flawed structure intact, CER

Transatlantic security -- Military spending: EU dwarf shrinks as US gets bigger, EU Observer

April 18

Iran -- Laura Rozen, How Iran talks were saved from verge of collapse, Al Monitor

Iran -- Alireza Nader, Iran's calculations in new diplomatic talks, RAND

Iran -- David Ignatius, The stage is set for a deal with Iran, Washington Post

EU and China -- Richard Weitz, EU should keep China arms embargo, Diplomat

US campaign -- Erin McPike, Romney still lagging in foreign policy strategy, Real Clear Politics

April 17

World bank -- Kim for president, Economist

European defense -- Judy Dempsey, Little action on common EU defense, IHT

European defense -- Judy Dempsey, Putin's no show at Chicago, Munich Securityconference

European defense -- George Perkovich, Malcolm Chalmers, Steven Pifer, Paul Schulte, Jaclyn Tandler, ???Nuclear weapons in Europe and the future of NATO, Carnegie

Turkey and Nato-- James Joyner, Turkey cries wolf, National Interest

Transatlantic security -- John Barry, Historic shift in US defense strategy will have major impact on Europe, European Institute

Transatlantic security -- Daniel Twining, U.S.-Europe-Asia: The new strategic triangle, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Nikolas K. Gvosdev, The new Russian empire, National Interest

Euro crisis -- Robert Zoellick, Europe is distracted by endless firewall talk, Financial Times

France -- Corine Lesnes, If Sarkozy loses presidency to Hollande, what happens to French relations with US or EU?, European Institute

Germany -- Ulrich Speck, Why Germany is not becoming Europe's hegemon, FRIDE's-hegemon

April 16

Iran -- At nuclear talks, Iran and 6 nations agree to meet again, New York Times

Iran -- Julian Borger, Iran and world powers play for a no-score draw in Istanbul, Guardian

Iran -- Fareed Zakaria, The shape of a deal with Iran, GPS

France -- Justin Vaïsse, Would Hollande and Obama get along?, Brookings

Britain -- David Cameron, I was proud to promote Britain to the world, Daily Telegraph

Euro crisis -- Nouriel Roubini, Europe’s short vacation, Project Syndicate

Euro crisis -- Paul Krugman, Europe’s economic suicide, New York Times

Russia -- Nervous Kremlin seeks to purge Russia's internet of 'western' influences, Guardian

Nato -- NATO sees flaws in air campaign against Qaddafi, New York Times

US foreign policy -- Leslie Gelb, Washington whispers about who will be next Secretary of State, Newsweek

April 13

Iran -- At nuclear talks, hopes that a new Iranian attitude will reduce tensions, New York Times

Iran -- Iran nuclear program talks reveal internal divisions between diplomats, Washington Post

Iran -- David Miliband, Nader Mousavizadeh, Cold war lessons can help disarm Iran, Financial Times

Iran --- Mark Hibbs, Ariel Levite, George Perkovich, How to tell if the Iran talks are working, New York Times

Iran -- Javad Heydarian, Why Iran will compromise, The Diplomat

Iran -- David Ignatius, For a new order in Iran, look to post-revolutionary France, Washington Post

Syria -- Sarkozy, Obama call on Syria to abide by peace plan, Reuters

Mideast -- Jimmy Carter, Don't give up on Mideast peace, New York Times

EU and China -- Jonas Parello-Plesner, The EU’s carbon war with China and the world, ECFR

Germany -- Nicolas Kulish, Once taboo, Germans’ anti-Israel whispers grow louder, New York Times

Transatlantic economy -- Daniel Gros, The big easing, CEPS

US and Russia -- Leon Aron, Why is Russia harassing President Obama’s new ambassador?, Foreign Policy

US and Russia -- Gordon M. Hahn, Romney's Russia gambit, National Interest

April 12

US election -- Scott Clement, Romney’s hill to climb. Can Romney beat Obama on foreign policy?, Foreign Policy

Iran -- Joschka Fischer, Will it be war or diplomacy that cuts through the Persian knot?, Daily Star

Iran -- Daniel Brumberg, Examining the prospects for Iran nuclear talks (Q&A), USIP

Iran -- Volker Perthes, If at first Iran says no, try, try again, New York Times

Iran -- Fareed Zakaria, The shape of a deal with Iran, Washington Post

Syria -- Timothy Garton Ash, Europe has left Syria to a distinctly Ottoman fate, Guardian

Libya -- UK experts blame Nato for Libya refugee tragedy, EU Observer

France -- Karl E. Meyer, Who gets to be French?, New York Times

Russia -- Putin signals support for NATO Afghan supply hub, Reuters

Russia -- Anne Applebaum, Vladimir’s tale, New York Review of Books

European energy -- EU parliament divided on shale gas and oil, EDM

European energy -- Putin fears shale gas competition, Euractiv

Transatlantic economy -- Matthias Matthijs, White, grey, and black (Euro) swans: dealing with transatlantic financial risk in 2012, AICGS

April 11

Syria -- Tamara Cofman Wittes, Continuing impasse in Syria (Q&A), CFR

Syria -- Bruce Jones, The options in Syria, Foreign Policy

Syria -- Syria’s phase of radicalisation, International Crisis Group

Euro crisis -- Gavin Hewitt, Eurozone crisis: Fear returns, BBC

Euro crisis -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Spain’s 'lose-lose' struggle reignites euro crisis, Daily Telegraph

Russia and Nato -- Roger McDermott, CSTO proposes cooperation with NATO on Afghanistan, EDM

NATO -- Andras Simonyi, A case for overhaul of NATO's partnerships, Washington Times

April 10

Iran -- Karim Sadjadpour, Iran’s limited escape options, Washington Post

Iran -- John Vinocur, On Iran, reality bites, IHT

Iran -- Michael Singh, Squandered leverage over Iran, Washington Post

Syria -- Doyle McManus, A ticking clock on Syria, Los Angeles Times,0,1307320.column

Syria -- The U.N.’s failed plan for Syrian peace, editorial, Washington Post

Turkey -- Sinan Ulgen, Erdogan aspires to be a peacemaker in Iran’s nuclear standoff, Daily Star

US foreign policy -- Walter Russel Mead, The myth of America's decline, Wall Street Journal

April 9

Iran -- US defines its demands for new round of talks with Iran, New York Times

Iran -- US intelligence gains in Iran seen as boost to confidence, Washington Post

Israel and Germany -- Israel bars German laureate Grass over poem, New York Times

France -- Erik Pape, Sarko's Romney problem, Foreign Policy

Bosnia -- Tim Judah, Bosnia’s come a long way, don’t be fooled by war memories, Bloomberg

Transatlantic economy -- Stormy-Annika Mildner, Daniela Schwarzer, The political economy of (Post) financial crisis management in the United States and the European Union, GMF

US foreign policy -- Charles Kupchan, America’s place in the new world, New York Times

April 6

Iran -- David Ignatius, Obama’s signal to Iran, Washington Post

Iran -- Seymour M. Hersh, Our men in Iran?, New Yorker

Iran -- Zachary Keck, We're wrong about an Iranian nuclear arms race, Atlantic

Syria -- Michael Young, Annan’s plan should be regime change, Daily Star

European defense -- European defence and security 2012: Commitments, capabilities and cash, conference summary, Chatham

April 5

Georgia -- Haley Sweetland Edwards, Taking on Saakashvili, New York Times blog

Georgia -- Vladimir Socor, The United States and political power in Georgia, EDM

Ukraine -- Michael Emerson, The Ukraine question, CEPS

Russia -- Charles Grant, Will Putin delete the reset?, New York Times

Middle East -- Nathalie Tocci, A trilateral EU-US-Turkey strategy for the neighbourhood: The urgency of now, IAI (pdf)

Arab reform -- Riccardo Alcaro, Miguel Haubrich-Seco (eds), Re-thinking Western policies in light of the Arab uprisings, IAI

France -- The French election: Climbing mount improbable, Economist

France -- Justin Vaisse, The 2012 French presidential elections: A primer, Brookings

Germany -- Pawel Swieboda, Germany -- the reluctant hegemon, Demos Europa

Germany -- Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Antonio Vitorino, A German Europe?, Project Syndicate

Germany -- Guenter Grass poem attacking Israel for threatening Iran is condemned in Germany, NY Times blog

EU foreign policy -- Stefan Lehne, What’s next for French and EU foreign policy?, Carnegie Europe

EU defense -- Gergely Varga, Is Europe prepared for the new world order?, Euractiv

EU defense -- Giovanni Faleg, Alessandro Giovannini, The conundrum of EU military spending in times of austerity, Esharp

April 4

Russia -- Anatol Lieven, Mirage of the Putin protests, National Interest

Turkey and Syria -- Sinan Ulgen, Erdogan the peacemaker?, Project Syndicate

EU and China -- Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Why the euro area crisis will impact little on Europe's relations with China, PIIE

Germany -- Joschka Fischer, A truly European Germany cannot withdraw into its shell, Daily Star

European defense -- Daniel Möckli, The European debt crisis is a great opportunity for a common European defence policy, LSE blog

European defense -- Strategic Trends 2012, Center for Security Studies (CSS)

Scotland -- Tim Judah, Could Scotland really choose to leave the United Kingdom?, Foreign Policy

April 3

Georgia -- Josh Rogin, Georgian democracy discussion emerges in Washington, Foreign Policy

Syria -- Julien Barnes-Dacey, Europe is struggling to play a meaningful role in the Syria crisis, LSE blog

Russia -- Charles Grant, The US-Russia reset is over, Centre for European Reform

Central Europe -- David T. Armitage, Robert Kron, A. Wess Mitchell, Marcin Zaborowski, Central Europe after the Fiscal Compact: Navigating Europe’s New Framework, CEPA

Central Europe -- Clara Marina O'Donnell, The implications of multipolarity for Central Europe’s security, CEPA

Transatlantic security -- Gideon Rachman, The U.S. pivot to Asia – should Europeans worry?, CEPA

Transatlantic relations -- Robert Kagan, Robert Cooper, Ivan Krastev, Constanze Stelzenmüller, Justin Vaisse, Kurt Volker et al, Mars and Venus, ten years later, Policy Review

April 2

EU and Asia -- EU, ASEAN to discuss extensive trade agreement, VOA

Syria -- Julien Barnes-Dacey, Europe is struggling to play a meaningful role in the Syria crisis, LSE blog

Arab Spring -- Henry A. Kissinger, A new doctrine of intervention?, Washington Post

Russia -- Charles Grant, The US-Russia reset is over, Centre for European Reform

Afghanistan -- Carl Bildt, The Afghan endgame mirage, Project Syndicate

Nato -- The future of the transatlantic alliance: NATO’s sea of troubles, Economist

Transatlantic relations -- Charles A. Kupchan, A still-strong alliance, Policy Review

Transatlantic relations -- R. Nicholas Burns, Europe still matters, Boston Globe

European Union -- Jean-Claude Trichet: “We need to go further”, Daily Telegraph

Development -- Thomas L. Friedman, Why nations fail, New York Times

March 30

Syria -- Aaron David Miller, Will Annan save Assad?, New York Times

Syria -- Michael Young, The Annan plan will bring more violence, Daily Star

Libya -- Libya's recovery: Prospects and perils, Meeting summary, Chatham

Poland -- Radek Sikorski on Polish foreign policy for 2012, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Minister,of,Foreign,Affairs,on,Polish,Foreign,Policy,for,2012,50768.html

Russia -- Ellen Bork, Why is Obama giving up his human rights leverage against Russia?, The New Republic

Transatlantic defence -- Jacob Heilbrunn, Why should America pay for Europe's missile defense?, National Interest

Energy -- Fareed Zakaria, Natural gas, fueling an economic revolution, Washington Post

March 29

Foreign policy in the US campaign -- Romney advisers send an Open Letter to Obama, demand ‘candor’ on foreign policy, National Review

Foreign policy in the US campaign -- Pushing Back: President Barack Obama's advisors fire back at Mitt Romney, Foreign Policy

US and Russia -- Matthew Rojansky, Why the U.S. must often cooperate with Russia, Carnegie

Russia and the West -- Margarete Klein, Solveig Richter, Choosing cooperation over conflict: Russia and the Euro-Atlantic security order, SWP

CIA prisons in Poland -- Human rights groups welcome Polish report on CIA prisons, Reuters

Czech foreign policy -- Petr Drulak, Czech lessons for small countries, ECFR

Syria -- David Ignatius, Ousting Syria’s Assad through a ‘soft landing’, Washington Post

Syria -- Markus Kaim, Crisis in Syria: Possibilities and limits of military intervention, SWP

Transatlantic relations -- U.S. lawmakers press Obama administration on EU emission law, Reuters

March 28

A Transatlantic Partnership for Jobs and Growth -- CTR Executive Director Dan Hamilton outlined a 3 point agenda for the U.S. and EU in testimony before the US Congress. US and Balkans -- Ambassador Philip T. Reeker, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Keynote speech to the Johns
Hopkins SAIS Economic Forum for Southeast Europe

Syria -- David Schenker, Kofi Annan's plan is destined to fail, GPS

Iraq -- Iraq is neither sovereign, stable nor self-reliant, Spiegel,1518,823838,00.html

Obama and Russia -- Nuclear conference in Korea collides with U.S. election, New York Times

Obama and Russia -- Mitt Romney, Bowing to the Kremlin, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Anders Aslund, Why BRICS is no good for Russia, Moscow Times

Somalia -- Somalia mission expands: EU to target pirates up to two kilometers inland, Spiegel,1518,824030,00.html

Transatlantic relations -- EU and U.S. inch closer to air passenger data deal, Reuters

US and Germany -- German town fears loss of U.S. Army base, Washington Post

March 27

Obama and Russia -- Caught on open mike, Obama tells Medvedev he needs ‘space’ on missile defense, Washington Post

Obama and Russia -- Obama’s slip won’t let Russia veto Europe missile defense, editorial, Bloomberg

Romney and Russia -- Was Romney's Russia comment a gaffe?, Foreign Policy

Afghanistan -- Americans' support for Afghan war drops sharply, Reuters

Afghanistan -- Gideon Rachman, The west has lost in Afghanistan, Financial Times

Afghanistan -- Talking about talks: Toward a political settlement in Afghanistan, ICG

Euro crisis -- Michael Boskin, Whither Europe?, Project Syndicate

EU energy -- US shifts policy on gas pipelines, WSJ blog

European defense -- Daniel Moeckli, The strategic weakening of debt-ridden Europe, CSS

European defense -- Ian Buruma, Europe's dependency on American military protection has to end, Daily Star

March 26

Iran -- Michael O’Hanlon, Bruce Riedel, Preventing a nuclear Iran, Washington Post

Syria -- Gareth Evans, Saving the Syrians, Project Syndicate

Syria -- Patrick Cockburn, The attempt to topple President Assad has failed, Independent

Syria -- Itamar Rabinovich, Forging Syria's opposition, GPS

Russia and Transnistria -- Vladimir Socor, Dmitry Rogozin appointed special presidential representative for Transnistria, EDM,

Russia and Georgia -- Vladimir Socor, Medvedev appoints Putin’s special representatives for Abkhazia and South Ossetia, EDM

Afghanistan -- Talking about talks: Toward a political settlement in Afghanistan, ICG

Transatlantic market -- Bruce Stokes, An idea whose time has come, European Voice

March 23

Egypt -- Clinton to let military aid to Egypt continue, Reuters

Syria -- Michael Young, Annan's muddled diplomacy is a fig leaf for Syrian regime, The National

France -- Crisis in Toulouse alters campaign’s tone in Sarkozy’s favor, New York Times

France -- Eric Pape, The fallout from Toulouse, Foreign Policy

France -- Justin Vaisse, Le nouveau normale, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Jana Kobzova, Fog in Moscow, ECFR

Afghanistan -- Javid Ahmad, Louise Langeby, Europe’s Afghanistan decade, GMF

Catherine Ashton -- J.J. Goldberg, Ashton's false equivalency that wasn't, Forward

EU defense -- EU defense ministers endorse pooling resources to cope with budget cuts, change in US strategy, AP

EU trade -- Unfree trade: The European Commission is flirting dangerously with protectionism, Economist

Transatlantic economy -- EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht, The renewed transatlantic agenda: Creating growth for the future

Hillary Clinton -- An interview with Hillary Clinton, Economist

March 22

Israel -- Gideon Levy, Guilt-tripping the world is dangerous for Israel, Haaretz

Belarus -- David J. Kramer, Joerg Forbrig, What the EU should do to end state terror in Belarus, EU Observer

Turkey -- Dimitar Bechev, The Americanisation of Turkey, Open Democracy

EU and Asia -- Giles Merritt, Shada Islam, Rising Asia and Old Europe need to work together, Friends of Europe

Afghanistan -- John McCain, Joseph I. Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, Sustaining success in Afghanistan, Washington Post

Transatlantic security -- Steven Pifer, A trial marriage on missile defense, Brookings

Transatlantic relations -- Robert Hutchings, The US-European relationship is a prisoner of old habits, Daily Star

March 21

Iran -- U.S. exempts 11 states from Iran sanctions, Reuters

Iran -- Carl Bildt, Erkki Tuomioja, The only option on Iran, International Herald Tribune

EU and Israel -- Catherine Ashton: “My remarks on Toulouse attack grossly distorted”, Jerusalem Post

France -- Killings could stall election’s nationalist turn, New York Times

Turkey -- Soner Cagaptay, Turkey's foreign policy pivot, Los Angeles Times,0,3675817.story

European politics -- Harold Meyerson, Europeans choose sides over financial crisis, Washington Post

Transatlantic defense -- Nato commander: EU could not do Libya without US, EU Observer

March 20

EU and Israel -- EU's Ashton: I did not parallel Toulouse attack to Gaza deaths, Haaretz

Iran -- Nicholas Siegel, Navigating a nuclear minefield: The United States, Europe, and Iran, GMF

Eastern Mediterranean -- Michael Leigh, Charlotte Brandsma, Energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean: Cooperation or tension, GMF

Central Europe -- Judit Kozenko, Central Europe’s window of opportunity, CTR

Ukraine -- Taras Kuzio, Russia takes control of Ukraine’s security forces, EDM

Pakistan -- Nathalie Van Raemdonck, Explaining the EU’s silence on the US targeted killing policy in Pakistan, IAI

Afghanistan -- Leslie Gelb, Obama won’t speed U.S. troop withdrawal in Afghanistan, Daily Beast

US, Europe and Asia -- Stephen F. Szabo, The Pacific pivot and the West, GMF

Transatlantic relations -- Andrew Byrne, Building the transatlantic area of freedom, security and justice: The passenger name record agreements, IAI

March 19

Iran -- Dina Esfandiary, Why Iranian public opinion is turning against the nuclear program, Atlantic

Syria -- “Leaving the killing to go on is unacceptable”. Interview with Kurt Volker, Deutsche Welle,,15812578,00.html

Syria -- Michael O'Hanlon, What are our military options in Syria?, TNR

Turkey -- Despite bold talk on Syria, Turkey sees limits of its power, New York Times

Israel -- Peter Beinart, To save Israel, boycott the settlements, New York Times

France -- Sarkozy, Hollande snipe at EU to woo voters, Reuters

France -- James Traub, Pandering in Paris, Foreign Policy

Germany -- A beautiful Sunday for Germany, Spiegel,1518,822131,00.html

Moldova -- Moldova finally gets a president, Economist

Ukraine -- Rape case shames EU-aspirant Ukraine, EU Observer

Belarus -- EU outraged after Belarus executes two men accused of Metro bombing, Guardian

EU trade -- EU looks to global trade to spur new growth, AFP

EU foreign policy -- Europe's foreign policy: continental drift, Guardian

March 16

Iran -- Payments system Swift to expel Iranian banks Saturday, Reuters

Iran -- Iranians offer gloomy outlook of nuclear talks, Washington Post

Syria -- EU's Ashton vows to maintain Syria diplomatic presence, AFP

Syria -- Max Boot, The Pentagon’s cold feet on Syria, Washington Post

Russia -- Anna Nemtsova, The temperature's dropping for Russia's opposition, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Matthew Rojansky, Congress can stand up for U.S. interests in Russia, Carnegie

Belarus -- David Marples, Belarus and Europe: What next?, EDM

Afghanistan -- Claudia Hofmann, Taliban talks: Not the solution to Afghanistan’s problems, King’s of war blog

China -- No trade war with China, EU presidency says, EU Observer

March 15

US and Britain -- Cameron and Obama show unity on Afghanistan, New York Times

Afghanistan -- Anatol Lieven, Shape a peaceful Afghan exit, New York Times

Syria -- Julien Barnes-Dacey, Syria’s rebels will have to deal with Assad, Financial Times

Syria -- Muriel Asseburg, Heiko Wimmen, The violent power struggle in Syria. Scenarios and policy options, SWP

Iran -- EU-U.S. split on Iran banks seen widening, Wall Street Journal

Russia -- Russia may give NATO a base for Afghan supply runs, Reuters

Russia -- Jeffrey Mankoff, What Putin means for Washington, National Interest

Russia -- Nicu Popescu, Power and weakness in Putin’s Russia, EU Observer

Russia -- Garry Kasparov, Boris Nemtsov, The right way to sanction Russia, Wall Street Journal

Nato -- Jan Techau, Forget Chicago, there’s a m??uch bigger game going on, Europe's World

EU energy -- Severin Fischer, Oliver Geden, The EU's energy roadmap 2050: Targets without governance, SWP

EU energy -- Coal-reliant Poland increasingly out of step with Europe on climate change, Washington Post

Transatlantic trade -- Europe ends beef trade war with US, Canada, AFP

March 14

Afghanistan -- Fred Kaplan, Game over in Afghanistan, Slate

Afghanistan -- David Ignatius, How to end the Afghan mission, Washington Post

Afghanistan -- Bruce Riedel, Michael O'Hanlon, Mission incomplete, Foreign Policy

Afghanistan -- Anthony H. Cordesman, New U.S. strategy needed in Afghanistan, GPS

Russia -- Congress calls for end to Russia-Pentagon defense contracts, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Cliff Kupchan,Putin's new constraints, IHT

Kosovo and Serbia -- Stefan Lehne, Toward a normal relationship, Carnegie

EU democracy promotion -- European Parliament approves European Endowment for Democracy, press release

World economy -- US, EU, Japan take on China at WTO over rare earths, Reuters

World economy -- Gideon Rachman, Rare earths at the WTO: pointless but constructive, FT blog

World order -- Guy Sorman, If you predicted an Asian Century, you should try looking again, Daily Star 

March 13

US and Britain -- Barack Obama, David Cameron, An alliance the world can count on, Washington Post

US and Britain -- Heather A. Conley, British Prime Minister Cameron’s visit to the United States, CSIS

Iran -- Jeffrey Goldberg, In Iran standoff, Netanyahu could be bluffing, Bloomberg

Iran -- Europeans take lead on Iran nuclear negotiations, Spiegel,1518,820852,00.html

Afghanistan -- Despite challenges in Afghanistan, U.S. determined to stick to exit strategy, Washington Post

Afghanistan -- Support for Afghan fight drops among G.O.P. candidates, New York Times

Russia -- Masha Gessen, The trials of Kozlov, IHT

Russia -- McFaul: No human rights bill trade for granting Russia top trade status, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Putin critics say U.S. should open trade with Russia, Reuters

Russia -- Pavel K. Baev, The opposition and Putin remain on a collision course, EDM

Transatlantic economy -- WTO orders US to halt Boeing subsidies, AFP

March 12

Iran -- David Ignatius, How to sink Iran’s regime? Sanctions, not bombs, Washington Post

Egypt -- David J. Kramer, Egypt’s full-frontal assault on civil society, Washington Post

Tunisia -- Elliott Abrams, In Tunisia, press freedoms are in the crosshairs, Washington Post

Russia -- Obama congratulates Putin for election "win", Foreign Policy

Russia -- Russia's activists regroup, Foreign Affairs

Britain -- Obama upgrades 'special relationship' for White House welcome to Cameron, Daily Telegraph

Britain -- Niall Ferguson, The British Prime Minister is coming to America, Newsweek

Poland -- Clara Marina O’Donnell, Poland’s U-turn on European defense: A missed opportunity?, Brookings,

Globalization -- Daniel Hamilton, One year later - Fukushima's wider lessons, CNBC

March 9

Syria -- Michael Young, Make Vladimir Putin reassess in Syria, Daily Star

Syria -- Aaron David Miller, How not to intervene in Syria, Foreign Policy

Syria -- Eugene Robinson, A field of hawks, Washington Post

Iran -- Eyeing Iran, Israel focuses on the day after, Reuters

Russia -- Ariel Cohen, Putin 4.0: tough times ahead, National Interest

Russia -- Condoleezza Rice, The promise of Russia’s urban middle class, Washington Post

Nagorno-Karabakh -- Lawrence Scott Sheets, A 'frozen conflict' that could boil over, IHT

France -- Christopher Caldwell, Will France’s Nicolas Sarkozy be the next European leader to fall?, Weekly Standard 

March 8

Syria -- U.S. defense officials say Obama reviewing military options in Syria, New York Times

Iran -- Aaron David Miller, Iran and U.S. election-year politics, IHT

Middle East -- Walter Russell Mead, America is stuck with the Mideast, Wall Street Journal/RCW

Russia and EU -- Federiga Bindi, The Russian elections - bad news for the EU, CNBC

Euro crisis -- Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Why President Obama can stop worrying about Europe, PIIE

Transatlantic security -- John Barry, The US-EU-Nato relationship, European Institute

March 7

Iran -- World powers agree to reopen talks with Iran, Washington Post

Iran -- Kerry to Romney: You don’t know Iran, Foreign Policy

EU and Iran -- Ruth H. Santini, EU sanctions against Iran: New wine in old bottles?, Brookings

US and Israel -- Thomas Friedman, Israel’s best friend, New York Times

Russia -- Despite Kremlin’s signals, U.S. ties remain strained after Russian election, New York Times

China -- Raymond Lu, Michael D. Swaine, Romney's China policy — strategic questions still unanswered, Carnegie

Germany -- Rift grows between Germany's Bundesbank and ECB, Spiegel,1518,819255,00.html

Germany -- Harold James, History blinds Europe to Germany worth copying, Bloomberg

Ukraine -- Taras Kuzio, Ukraine prepares for elections with Putinization of security forces and repression of opposition, EDM

EU defense -- Clara M. O'Donnell, Poland’s U-turn on European defense: A missed opportunity?, Brookings

EU defense -- Daniel Keohane, EU defence policy: Don’t replicate the United Nations, FRIDE blog

March 6

US and Israel -- Obama assures Netanyahu on efforts to stop Iran’s nuclear program, Washington Post

Iran -- Mitt Romney, How I would check Iran’s nuclear ambition, Washington Post

Iran -- Candidates hammer Obama over Iran, but approaches differ little, New York Times

Iran -- Anthony H. Cordesman, Iran: The waiting option, GPS

Iran -- Should the US discourage Israel from attacking Iran? US News, Debate Club

Iran -- Walter Russel Mead, Obama’s Iran dilemma: Threats of war as means to keep the peace, American Interest

Russia -- How powerful is Russia?, Room for Debate, New York Times

Russia -- Nicholas Redman, Russia: the return of Putin, IISS

Russia -- Steven Pifer, What Putin’s return to the presidency means for U.S.-Russia relations, Brookings

Syria -- Marc Lynch, Can the ICC take on Syria?, Foreign Policy

Syria -- Now or never: A negotiated transition for Syria, International Crisis Group

China and Europe -- Jonas Parello-Plesner, China’s stake in the euro crisis, East Asia Forum

Myanmar -- Louise Arbour, In Myanmar, sanctions have had their day, ICG

Myanmar -- Peter Popham, Keep up the pressure on Myanmar’s generals, New York Times

March 5

Iran -- David Ignatius, Decoding Obama's message on Iran, Washington Post

Russia -- Edward Lucas, Putin's victory is more ashes than diamonds, Daily Telegraph

Russia -- Justin Burke, Putin's economic failure, The Atlantic

Russia -- Fiona Hill, On the March 4 Russian Presidential election, Brookings

Russia -- Kurt Volker, Russian elections: US and Europe must rethink the 'reset', Christian Science Monitor

Russia -- Andrew C. Kuchins, The end of the 'Reset', Foreign Affairs

Ukraine -- Taras Kuzio, Ukraine, like Russia, is becoming a ‘virtual mafia state’, ACUS blog

Mideast peace -- Khaled Elgindy, Is the Quartet dead? The Israel-Palestine peace process revisited, Carnegie

March 2

Euro crisis -- Twenty five EU leaders sign German-model fiscal treaty, EU Observer

Israel -- Shibley Telhami, Do Israelis support a strike on Iran?, Brookings

Russia -- Masha Lipman, Putin’s hollow victory-to-be, Washington Post

Russia -- The beginning of the end of Putin, Economist

Russia -- Pavel Felgenhauer, Massive repression of the prodemocracy opposition may begin next week, EDM

Russia -- Ben Judah, Andrew Wilson, The end of the Putin consensus, ECFR

Russia -- U.S.-Russia ties strained during Putin political campaign, Reuters

­­­Turkey and China -- Saban Kardas, China eyes greater share of Turkey’s rising infrastructure investments, EDM

Egypt -- Egypt NGO crisis: Don’t pop the champagne corks just yet, Foreign Policy

Syria -- Stephen Hadley, The case for arming Syria’s opposition, Washington Post

Belarus -- Joerg Forbrig, A useful clash with Belarus, IHT

EU foreign policy -- Tough talk, no strategy: Europe needs to do more than respond to every problem with fresh sanctions, Economist

Transatlantic relations -- Philip H. Gordon, The United States and Europe: Meeting global challenges, IISS

Transatlantic security relations -- Tomas Valasek (ed), All alone? What US retrenchment means for Europe and NATO, CER

March 1

Syria -- NATO chief: Intervention just won’t work in Syria, Foreign Policy

Syria -- Dennis B. Ross, Time for Assad to go, USA Today

Syria -- Anne Applebaum, How to advance Syria’s transition, Washington Post

Iran -- Jaclyn Tandler, Six observations on Obama's Iran policy, Carnegie

Iran -- Martin Indyk, Iran spinning out of control, New York Times

Iran -- Iran invokes the West to motivate voters, New York Times

Egypt -- Loans to Egypt hinge on democracy issues, New York Times

Ukraine -- Steven Pifer, Ukraine's perilous balancing act, Brookings

Armenia -- Emil Danielyan, US, Armenia agree on first-ever joint military exercises, EDM

Afghanistan -- Fareed Zakaria, Fantasy and reality in Afghanistan, Washington Post

EU foreign policy -- Jan Techau, European foreign policy and the euro crisis, Carnegie

February 29

Syria -- Michael Ignatieff, Do we sit back and let Homs burn?, Financial Times

France and the Middle East -- Alain Juppe, Save the Middle East's Christians, Foreign Policy

Palestinians -- Robert M. Danin, Hamas breaks from Syria, CFR

Turkey and Iran -- Yigal Schleifer, Turkey and Iran: Amidst the smiles, a rivalry intensifies, Eurasianet

Afghanistan -- Marvin Kalb, Afghan policy — suddenly in serious trouble, Brookings

Afghanistan -- Anthony H. Cordesman, Afghanistan: The death of a strategy, CSIS

Afghanistan -- The Afghan strategy is worth saving, editorial, Washington Post

Afghanistan -- Michael Hart, Why we couldn't change Afghanistan, Atlantic

Russia -- Dmitri Trenin, Putin the peacemaker?, Foreign Policy

Russia -- William Partlett, Vladimir Putin and the law, Brookings

Russia -- P.Hanson, J.Nixey, L.Shevtsova, A.Wood, Putin Again: Implications for Russia and the West, Chatham House

Germany -- Kohl urges Germans to stay committed to Europe, Spiegel,1518,818095,00.html

Germany -- Timo Behr, Niklas Helwig, Constructing a German Europe? Germany's Europe debate revisited, FIIA

US and the euro crisis -- Joseph Quinlan, Your pain is our pain: The United States and the European debt crisis, GMF

Transatlantic security -- Sven Biscop, On to Chicago: Enter the European Union, New Atlanticist

US foreign policy -- Michael O’Hanlon, Barack Obama’s reluctant realism, GPS

World order -- Charles Grant, Russia, China and global governance, CER

February 28

Syria -- David Ignatius, How to bring down Assad, Washington Post 

Syria -- Roger Cohen, Arm Syria’s rebels, New York Times 

EU and Syria -- Vivien Pertusot, The EU and the Syrian gridlock, ACUS blog 

Iran -- Frederick W. Kagan, Masef Zarif, America's Iranian self-deception, Wall Street Journal 

Russia -- Edward Lucas, Putin and his cronies, Daily Mail 

Russia -- Anders Aslund, Why Gazprom resembles a crime syndicate, Moscow Times 

Germany -- Jan Fleischhauer, We have become the new villain, Spiegel,1518,817887,00.html 

Germany -- Timo Behr, Niklas Helwig, Constructing a German Europe? Germany's Europe debate revisited, FIIA 

Euro crisis -- Martin Feldstein, Europe’s empty fiscal compact, GPS

February 27

Iran -- U.S. Agencies see no move by Iran to build a bomb, New York Times

Iran -- Attacking Iran: Up in the air, Economist

Iran -- Barry Rubin, Iran war hysteria surpasses all bounds of sanity, Jerusalem Post

Somalia -- Nervously, world powers eye greater Somalia action, Reuters

Somalia -- William Hague, Security, stability, Somalia, Globe and Mail
Syria -- Peter Harling, Sarah Birke, Beyond the fall of the Syrian regime, ICG
Hungary -- Mark Palmer, Miklos Haraszti, Charles Gati, Support democracy in Hungary with new Radio Free Europe broadcasts, Washington Post

Eastern Europe and China -- Stephen J. Blank, Why China courts Eastern Europe, Diplomat

Ukraine -- Taras Kuzio, Viktor Yanukovych Two years on: Why many got him wrong, EDM

US and Euro crisis -- Paul Krugman, What ails Europe?, New York Times

US and Euro crisis -- Joseph Quinlan, Your pain is our pain: The United States and the European debt crisis, GMF

Transatlantic relations -- Airlines, emissions and Europe’s sensible plan, editorial, IHT

February 24

Syria -- Ann-Marie Slaughter, How to halt the butchery in Syria, New York Times

Syria -- Michael Young, Washington’s Syria policy is imaginary, Daily Star

Syria -- Joshua Landis, Why the Asad regime is likely to survive to 2013, MEPC

Somalia -- Clinton threatens sanctions on Somali peace spoilers, Reuters

Somalia -- Somalia’s future: A ray of hope, Economist

Iran -- Michael Gerson, Obama’s Iran options, Washington Post

Russia -- Pavel Felgenhauer, Putin declares his defense agenda for the next decade, EDM

Russia -- Dmitri Trenin, Putin’s national security vision, Carnegie

Euro crisis -- Clive Crook, Greek deal leaves Europe on the road to disaster, Bloomberg

Euro crisis -- Too long an illness, Economist

Transatlantic economy -- Patrick Messerlin, Erik van der Marel, The dynamics of transatlantic negotiations in services, GMF

February 23

Iran -- David Ignatius, Getting Iran to back down on its nuclear program, Washington Post

Iran -- Charles Kupchan, Washington should keep talking to Iran until the 11th hour, Daily Star

Russia -- Edward Lucas, Twelve more years of Vladimir Putin? Nyet!, Standpoint

Germany -- Sebastian Dullien, Ulrike Guerot, The long shadow of ordoliberalism: Germany’s approach to the euro crisis, ECFR

EU energy -- EU loses clout over Caspian gas, Wall Street Journal

February 22

Euro crisis -- Obama lauds “positive steps” to tackle euro crisis, AFP

Euro crisis -- Gordon Brown, Europe’s shortsighted response to a worsening fiscal reality, Washington Post

Greece -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Greek debt accord hostage to political passions, Daily Telegraph

Iran -- Richard Haass, Michael Levi, How to talk down Tehran's nuclear ambitions, Wall Street Journal

Syria -- Marc Lynch, Helping Syria without war, Foreign Policy

Syria -- Debating U.S. options in Syria, CFR

French elections -- Dominique Moisi, Sarkozy at dusk, Project Syndicate

French elections -- George Magnus, A Hollande win in France would rattle Europe, Bloomberg

Russia -- Pavel K. Baev, Putin promises changes and curtails reforms, EDM

February 21

Iran -- US, EU cautiously optimistic on Iran talks, AFP

Iran, transatlantic relations -- Remarks Hillary Clinton and Catherine Ashton after the meeting

Iran -- Richard Gowan, Iran: the true test of EU foreign policy, Esharp

Iran -- Iran raid seen as a huge task for Israeli jets, New York Times

Iran -- Ray Takeyh, Why Iran thinks it needs the bomb, Washington Post

Iran -- Efraim Inbar, How the U.S.-Iran standoff looks from Israel, Bloomberg

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Syria -- Immanuel Wallerstein, The Syrian Impasse, Yale Globale

Syria, Russia, China -- Ted Piccone, Emily Alinikoff, How Syria is splitting Russia and China from the developing world, National Interest

Russia -- Stephen Holmes, Ivan Krastev, Putin and the decline of "no-choice" politics, Eurozine

Europe and shale gas -- Alan Riley, Europe can't ignore shale gas, Wall Street Journal

Euro crisis -- Interview with Kenneth Rogoff on the Euro crisis, Spiegel,1518,816071,00.html

Transatlantic relations -- John Kornblum, Transatlantic odds, Khaleej Times

February 17

US and Egypt -- Mike Allen, Brotherhood threatens Camp David accord over US aid, NGO dispute, Democracy Digest

EU and Morocco -- Morocco-EU trade deal draws fire, EU Observer

Russia and US -- In Russia, Putin allies sharpen anti-American attacks ahead of elections, Washington Post

Russia -- Brian Whitmore, The empire strikes back -- at independent media, RFE/RL

France -- Ian Bremmer, France's what-if campaign, New York Times

EU foreign policy -- Justin Vaisse, The sick man of Europe is Europe, Foreign Policy

Transatlantic relations -- Patryk Pawlak, Time for an honest audit of EU-US relations, EUISS

World Bank -- Sebastian Mallaby, The quiet revolutionary who saved the World Bank, Financial Times

World Bank -- Mohamed A. El-Erian, How to find the best leader for the World Bank, Washington Post

February 16

Iran -- Aggressive acts by Iran signal pressure on its leadership, New York Times

US and Iran -- Most Americans support using force to prevent a nuclear Iran, Foreign Policy

US and Turkey -- Daniel Dombey, Turkey-US harmony has its limits, Financial Times

EU and Turkey -- Joschka Fischer, Europe risks running out of time with Turkey relations, Daily Star

Turkey -- Sinan Ülgen, Turkey and the Bomb, Carnegie

France -- France’s presidential election: Sarkozy's declaration, Economist

Germany -- Susanne Gratius, Is Germany still a EU-ropean power?, FRIDE

Transatlantic economy -- EU and US roll out gold standard for 'organic' food, EU Observer

European defense -- Mark Leonard, Will the Europeans ever get their act together on security?, ECFR blog

EU enlargement -- Kristin Archick, European Union enlargement, Congressional Research Service

US Presidential campaign -- Resources on the foreign policy dimensions of the 2012 U.S. presidential race, CFR

February 15

Euro crisis -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Greek economy spirals down as EU forces final catharsis, Daily Telegraph

Euro crisis -- Gavin Hewitt, Losing patience with Greece, BBC blog

Euro crisis -- Jean Pisani-Ferry, The Eurozone’s strategy of survival is also one of pain, Daily Star

Eypt -- Egypt state media accuses U.S. of spreading anarchy, Reuters

US and Iran -- Francis J. Gavin, James B. Steinberg, The unknown unknowns. We can't possibly know the consequences of bombing Iran, Foreign Policy

US and Iran -- Daniel Klaidman, Eli Lake, Dan Ephron, Obama’s dangerous game with Iran, Newsweek

US and Iran -- Dennis Ross, Iran is ready to talk, New York Times

Turkey and Iran -- Soner Cagaptay, Next up: Turkey vs. Iran

Syria -- Debate: Should the U.S. intervene in Syria with military action?, US News

Russia -- Political pressure seen in Russia radio shakeup, Reuters

Russia and Georgia -- Yulia Latynina, From South Ossetia to war with Georgia, Moscow Times

France -- Bruce Crumley, The Anti-Sarkozy: How François Hollande would lead, Time blog

European defence -- Setting a future agenda, Workshop summary, Chatham House

US role in the world -- Charles A. Kupchan, The West’s comeback: Renewal starts at home, Aspenia online

US role in the world -- Daniel Drezner, Gideon Rachman, Robert Kagan, The rise or fall of the American empire, Foreign Policy

February 14

Syria -- Robert M. Danin, The Arab League doubles down against Bashar, CFR

Syria -- David Rieff, Save us from the liberal hawks. Syria's a tragedy. But it's not our problem, Foreign Policy

Syria -- James Kitfield, The global dangers of Syria's looming civil war, Atlantic

Turkey -- Anne-Marie Slaughter, Turkey’s test, Project Syndicate

Iran -- Asia key as U.S., EU tighten sanctions against Iran, Reuters

Euro crisis -- Interview with George Soros: “'Merkel is leading Europe in the wrong direction”, Spiegel,1518,814920,00.html

US and Euro crisis -- Bruce Stokes, For US, Europe’s debt woes are an ocean away, Yale Global

European defense -- Bence Nemeth, PESCO and British-French military co-operation, European Geostrategy blog

Russia -- Pavel K. Baev, Putin is firmly set to win ugly, EDM

US foreign policy -- Five coming battles over the 2013 international affairs budget, The Cable, Foreign Policy

US foreign policy -- Stephen Hadley, Engaging a world in transition, USIP

From CTR people

Donald N. Jensen, Putin makes anti-Americanism a centerpiece of his campaign, VOA

Federica Bindi, Charm is not enough for Italy's Prime Minister Mario Monti, CNBC

February 13

Transatlantic Trade and Investment -- ECIPE, GMF Report,

Syria -- Fareed Zakaria, What's next for Syria?, CNN blog

Syria -- Vali Nasr, Assadism without Assad in Syria could prevent sectarian mayhem, Bloomberg

Syria -- Jonathan Freedland, Syria is not Iraq. And it is not always wrong to intervene, Guardian

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Obama and Mideast -- Zaki Laidi, Obama’s Middle Eastern strategy: So much for plan A, but where is plan B?, Daily Star

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EU and Arab spring -- Ana Palacio, Opening Europe’s Mediterranean window, Project Syndicate

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European diplomacy -- Hugo Brady, Why European diplomacy is in decline, Esharp

February 10

Italian PM Monti meets Obama -- Obama hails Italian Prime Minister in talks on euro crisis, AFP

Transatlantic Economy -- Dan Hamilton, Pedro Schwartz, A Transatlantic Partnership for Jobs and Growth,

US campaign -- Uri Friedman, Iran Man. Rick Santorum says he's been studying Iran for a decade, Foreign Policy

Syria -- Daniel W. Drezner, It’s time to arm the Syrian opposition, The New Republic

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Iraq -- Does the U.S. Have a Plan for Iraq?, Room for debate, New York Times

Germany and Europe -- Quentin Peel, A very federal formula, FT

Ukraine -- Pavel Korduban, Ukraine struggles to find alternatives to Russian gas, EDM

Transatlantic security -- Vladimir Socor, Frozen conflicts seen as Russia’s door into “Euro-Atlantic Security Community”, EDM

Nato and Libya -- Ivo H. Daalder, James G. Stavridis, NATO's victory in Libya, Foreign Affairs

World economy -- Neill Ferguson, We're all state capitalists now, Foreign Policy

February 9

Italy -- Mr. Monti Comes to Washington – But Will He Survive in Rome? Italian PM Monti’s challenges could overwhelm his reformist agenda. CTR Senior Fellow Federiga Bindi comments here. For a shorter version on CNBC click here.

Germany -- Timothy Garton Ash, The leadership dilemmas of a European Germany in a German Europe, Guardian

Germany -- Norbert Walter, Germany’s hidden weaknesses, New York Times

US and UK -- Nile Gardiner, Ray Walser, Falkland Islands: US should back Great Britain, Heritage

US and Turkey -- Ross Wilson, Turkey-US relations: Dark clouds on the horizon, New Atlanticist blog

US and Egypt -- David Ignatius, Why the U.S. should resist stoking the chaos in Cairo, Washington Post

US and Gulf -- Ray Takeyh, The Gulf is where it's at, New York Times

Russia and Syria -- Michael Young, Russia conspires to salvage Assad rule, Daily Star

Russia -- Anders Aslund, Putin without Putinism, Foreign Policy

US defense -- Jonathan Masters, A defense budget at the crossroads. CFR

February 8

Germany -- John Vinocur, Can Germany summon the will to lead?, New York Times

Germany -- Angela Merkel says EU needs Britain, Guardian

German foreign policy -- Ulrike Guerot, The temptation of going alone, World Politics Review

Ukraine -- Philip H. Gordon, Remarks at press roundtable on U.S.-Ukraine issues, State Department

Russia -- Anne Applebaum, Russia’s Potemkin democracy, Washington Post

Palestinians -- Robert M. Danin, The Doha Palestinian unity agreement: Now the hard part, CFR blog

Turkey and Syria -- Saban Kardas, Turkey con?fronts Syria imbroglio, Eurasian Daily Monitor

U.S. Campaign 2012 -- Foreign policy team preps Romney for world stage, Real Clear Politics

February 7

Palestinians -- Fatah, Hamas choose Abbas to head new joint government, Washington Post

Syria -- Anne-Marie Slaughter, How to rescue the Syrian peace plan, FT blog

Syria -- Nicholas Noe, In Syria, we need to bargain with the devil, New York Times

Syria -- Ed Husain, Life after Assad could be worse, New York Times blog

Russia and Syria -- Russia raps West, sends mission to Syria, Washington Post

Russia and Syria -- Dmitri Trenin, Russia's line in the sand on Syria. Why Moscow wants to halt the Arab Spring, Foreign Affairs

Iran -- Neill Ferguson, Israel and Iran on the eve of destruction in a new six-day war, Newsweek

Iran -- Richard N. Haass, Iran, definitely this year’s headache, Daily Star

Egypt -- Michael Allen, Egypt’s attack on NGOs – ‘crazy’ or clever?, Democracy Digest

Egypt -- Marina Ottaway, Egypt’s transition: Finding a way out of the vicious circle, Carnegie

Egypt -- Steven A. Cook, Egypt and the United States, CFR

Germany and France -- Crisis desperation drives Merkel to campaign for Sarkozy, Spiegel,1518,813583,00.html

Euro crisis -- Bruce Stokes, What Europeans think about the Eurocrisis, GMF

Transatlantic economy -- U.S. reaches deal to avoid Japan, EU trade sanctions, Reuters

Transatlantic security -- Judy Dempsey, U.S. sees Europe as not pulling its weight militarily, New York Times

U.S. foreign policy -- Charles Kupchan, Sorry, Mitt: It won't be an American century, Foreign Policy

February 6

Syria -- Anger after Russia, China block U.N. action on Syria, Reuters

Syria -- Randa Slim, Vetoes leave Syria headed for a bloody stalemate, CNN

Iran -- Obama says risky to attack Iran, wants diplomatic fix, Reuters

Clinton, Panetta in Munich -- Panetta, Clinton seek to reassure Europe on security ties, Washington Post

Clinton, Panetta in Munich -- Remarks by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the 48th Munich Security Conference

Afghanistan -- U.S., NATO seek to clarify Panetta comments on ending Afghan mission, Washington Post

U.S. campaign 2012 -- Martin Klingst, The GOP’s ‘Europe’ is a land of make-believe, Washington Post

U.S. campaign 2012 -- The candidates on U.S.-Russia Relations, CFR

Georgia -- Obama-Saakashvili debriefing with Thomas de Waal, Carnegie

Georgia -- Mr. Saakashvili’s choice, editorial, Washington Post

Russia -- Simon Shuster, Is Putin's? fake rival the real deal?, Foreign Policy

Transatlantic security -- Igor Ivanov, Wolfgang Ischinger, Sam Nunn, Toward a Euro-Atlantic security community, Carnegie

Transatlantic security -- Robert Haddick, What is NATO good for?, Foreign Policy

February 3

Iran -- U.S. officials concerned by Israel statements on Iran threat, possible strike, Washington Post

Iran -- David Ignatius, Is Israel preparing to attack Iran?, Washington Post

Iran -- Blake Hounshell, The latest Iran frenzy, Foreign Policy blog

Iran -- India delegation to go to Iran to boost oil exports, Reuters

Russia and Syria -- Pavel Felgenhauer, Putin’s corrupt ruling elite fear the fate of Arab dictatorships, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Russia and Syria -- Ben Judah, Syria – why Russia says no, New Eastern Europe

Merkel in China -- Merkel no pushover in Beijing, Wall Street Journal blog

Serbia -- Sabine Freizer, Conflict with Kosovo: An obstacle to Serbia’s EU candidacy, ICG/Today’s Zaman

EU and Arab reform -- Catherine Ashton, Supporting the Arab awakening, New York Times

U.S. military power -- Robert Kagan, The importance of U.S. military might shouldn’t be underestimated, Washington Post

Liberal democracy -- Francis Fukuyama, The future of history. Can liberal democracy survive the decline of the middle class?, Foreign Affairs

February 2

Afghanistan -- U.S., NATO will seek to end Afghan combat mission next year, Washington Post

Afghanistan -- Mark Jacobson, The French departure from Afghanistan is not a deal breaker, GMF blog

Afghanistan -- Anatol Lieven, Afghanistan: The best way to peace, New York Review of Books

Syria -- Marc Lynch, The Security Council takes on Syria, Foreign Policy

Syria -- Ed Husain, We intervene in Syria at our peril, Atlantic

Egypt -- Omar Ashour, What do Egypt’s assertive generals really want down the road?, Daily Star

Transatlantic economy -- EU blocks Deutsche Boerse, NYSE tie-up, AFP

Transatlantic economy -- Why the marriage failed, Economist blog

Euro crisis -- Gideon Rachman, The German view of the crisis, FT blog

UK -- Timothy Garton Ash, Just like Scotland, Britain needs its referendum too, Guardian

Central Europe -- Central Europe outlook 2012: Toward a two-speed Europe, CEPA

Ukraine -- Steven Pifer, Developments in Ukraine and implications for U.S. Policy, Brookings

Belarus -- Grigory Ioffe, Who is losing Belarus?, EDM

Transatlantic security -- Karl-Heinz Kamp, Kurt Volker, Toward a new transatlantic bargain, Carnegie

February 1

Iran -- Iran willing to attack on U.S. soil, U.S. intelligence report finds, Washington Post

Syria -- Michel Nehme, Assad’s ship is sinking, even if predicting the end is risky, Daily Star

Syria -- Andrew Tabler, Security Council showdown on Syria (interview), CFR

Syria -- Yezid Sayigh, Hurting stalemate in Syria, Carnegie

Mideast -- Global "great power politics" returns to Mideast, Reuters

Europe/Immigration -- Mediterranean the deadliest sea for refugees and migrants, says UN agency, UN news centre

EU and Arab spring -- Sven Biscop, Rosa Balfour, Michael Emerson, An Arab springboard for EU foreign policy?, CEPS

Georgia -- Christian Caryl, The Georgian paradox, Foreign Policy

Ukraine -- Taras Kuzio, Time for the EU to end double standards on corruption, ACUS blog

Afghanistan -- Taliban "poised to retake Afghanistan" after NATO pullout, Reuters

Europe and China -- Merkel seeks Euro zone investments from Beijing, Spiegel,1518,812672,00.html

Europe and China -- Europe seeks space cooperation with China, Spiegel,1518,812273,00.html

Euro crisis -- Making it worse in Europe, Editorial, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Philip Stephens, The politics of the Euro crisis, CEPA

Euro crisis -- Charles A. Kupchan, Centrifugal Europe, Survival

Transatlantic relations -- Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor Ivanov, Sam Nunn, Euro-Atlantic goals, New York Times

Transatlantic relations -- Chad Manske, US military presence in Europe matters, Global Post 

EU foreign policy -- European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2012, ECFR

January 31

EU summit -- European leaders agree to new budget discipline measures, New York Times

EU summit -- EU summit marred by fears of German domination, Spiegel,1518,812398,00.html

Transatlantic relations -- EU backs German, British goal of US free-trade deal, AFP

Iran -- Leslie H. Gelb, How President Obama should handle Iran, Daily Beast

Russia and Syria -- Yagil Beinglass, Daniel Broder, Russia's Syrian power play, New York Times

France -- Sarkozy's German fixation, Economist blog

World order -- Can democracies thrive with financial systems that are out of control? Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, CS Monitor

January 30

Euro crisis -- In Davos, Europe is pressed for debt crisis solution, New York Times

France and Afghanistan -- France to cut Afghan combat role, leave 2013, Reuters

France and Afghanistan -- Can NATO force weather France's faster exit? AP/NPR

Syria -- Rami G. Khouri, A terrifying menu for Syria’s endgame, Daily Star

Russia -- Russia bars Putin critic from presidential poll, AFP

Georgia -- Thomas de Waal, Will Georgia’s leader ‘pull a Putin’ or trust his people?, Washington Post

European defense -- NATO allies grapple with shrinking defense budgets, Washington Post

Europe and Arab reform -- Rosemary Hollis, No friend of democratization: Europe's role in the genesis of the 'Arab Spring', International Affairs

European Union -- Brendan Simms, Towards a mighty union: how to create a democratic European superpower, International Affairs

January 27

Cameron in Davos -- UK's Cameron urges EU to look beyond Doha, Reuters

Cameron in Davos -- Cameron tells Davos: Germany must be bold over eurozone crisis, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Clive Crook, Europe can beat this crisis but maybe not the next, Bloomberg

France and Afghanistan -- Eric Pape, Will Nicolas Sarkozy ditch the French mission in Afghanistan?, Foreign Policy

Turkey -- Walter Russel Mead, Turkey: Islamist nightmare or misunderstood friend?, American Interest

Russia and Syria -- Why Russia protects Assad, Oxford Analytica/CNN blog

China and Iran -- Philip Andrews-Speed, China’s Iranian oil dilemma, Transatlantic Academy

U.S. foreign policy -- Obama embraces Romney advisor’s theory on “The Myth of American Decline”, Foreign Policy

January 26

Euro crisis -- Citing Europe’s progress, Merkel urges patience, New York Times

Euro crisis -- Angela Merkel casts doubt on saving Greece from financial meltdown, Guardian

Euro crisis -- Arthur Beesley, Time running out as EU again finds itself waiting for Merkel, Irish Times

Euro crisis -- George Soros, How to save the Euro, New York Review of Books

Euro crisis -- Jean Pisani-Ferry, The Eurozone’s strategy of pain, Project Syndicate

Euro crisis -- Walter Russel Mead, The European crack up, American Interest

Iran -- Ronen Bergman, Will Israel attack Iran?, New York Times

Iran -- Uri Friedman, What's new in the latest speculation over Israel attacking Iran, Foreign Policy

Iran -- Nick Witney, Iran: the year of living dangerously, ECFR

China/Iran -- China says EU ban on Iran oil not "constructive", Reuters

Russia/Syria -- New U.N. showdown with Russia over Syria looms, Reuters

Syria -- Shadi Hamid, Why we have a responsibility to protect Syria, Atlantic

Transatlantic relations -- Tomas Valasek, The US declares peace in Europe, prematurely, CER

U.S. foreign policy -- David Ignatius, The coming debate over American ‘strength’ abroad, Washington Post

January 25

Obama -- President Obama, State of the Union 2012, transcript and video, White House

Obama -- James M. Lindsay, Gauging foreign policy in Obama's Address, CFR

Obama -- Peter Spiegel, In big Obama speech, a European absence, Brussels blog, Financial Times

Iran -- Sanctions against Iran grow tighter, but what’s the next step?, New York Times

Iran -- Peter Jenkins, The deal the West could strike with Iran, Daily Telegraph

Syria -- Gulf monitors leave Syria, League seeks U.N. support, Reuters

Russia/Syria -- U.N. envoys slam Russia for selling weapons to Syria, Reuters

Turkey and France -- Turkey's Erdogan lambasts France on genocide law, Reuters

France/Afghanistan -- France rules out withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2012, AFP

Euro crisis -- Robert Zoellick, A blueprint for Germany to save the eurozone, Financial Times

Eastern Europe -- Eastern EU states under pressure amid social unrest, Voice of America

EU foreign policy -- Rosa Balfour, The European External Action Service at work - How to improve EU foreign policy, EPC (pdf)

January 24

Iran sanctions -- Iran slams EU oil embargo, warns could hit U.S., Reuters

Iran sanctions -- Europe gets tough, editorial, Daily Telegraph

Euro crisis -- Christine Lagarde, speech: Global challenges in 2012, IMF

Euro crisis -- Germany at odds with partners over Euro crisis, Spiegel,1518,810806,00.html

France and Germany -- “Sarkozy Has Learned to Like Angela Merkel”, interview with Alain Minc, Spiegel,1518,810868,00.html

France -- Roger Cohen, The Sarkozy effect, New York Times

France-Turkey -- France passes genocide law, faces Turkish reprisals, Reuters

Syria -- Judy Dempsey, What's left to do about Damascus?, IHT

Syria -- Anne-Marie Slaughter, How the world could—and maybe should—intervene in Syria, Atlantic

Belarus -- David Marples, The West and Belarus: Catch 22, EDM

U.S.-Russia -- New U.S. envoy steps into glare of a Russia eager to find fault, New York Times

NATO -- US Ambassador to NATO: US committed to staying course in Afghanistan, previews Chicago summit, AP

U.S. foreign policy -- Grading Obama’s foreign policy. Eight experts rate the president’s performance so far, Foreign Policy

U.S. foreign policy -- Joshua E. Keating, Newt Gingrich is still very much the foreign-policy provocateur he was in 1995, Foreign Policy

January 23

Iran -- David Ignatius, Iran gets the message from Washington, Washington Post

Syria -- Robert M. Danin, How to help Syria without intervening militarily, CNN blog

Turkey -- Jackson Diehl, Turkey’s government is the new normal in the Middle East, Washington Post

Political Islam -- Olivier Roy, A new generation of political Islamists steps forward, Washington Post

Germany -- Germany has the economic strengths America once boasted, Los Angeles Times,0,1551154,full.story

Poland -- Pawel Swieboda, This winter in Warsaw, American Interest

Russia and Europe -- Uwe Halbach, Vladimir Putin's Eurasian Union, SWP

Human rights in Europe -- EU becoming less tolerant, NGO says, EU Observer

Mitt Romney’s foreign policy views -- David Rohde, The world according to Mitt Romney, Atlantic

January 19

Iran -- Kenneth Pollack, Are we sliding toward war with Iran?, New Republic

Iran -- Shashank Joshi, The US and Iran are on a path to confrontation, Daily Telegraph

Balkans -- Testimony on The Western Balkans and the 2012 NATO Summit, Dan Serwer, CTR/SAIS

Balkans -- Testimony, Ivan Vejvoda, GMF

Hungary -- Gyorgy Konrad, Hungary’s junk democracy, New York Times

Eastern Europe -- Eastern Europe swings right, Spiegel,1518,809827,00.html

Russia -- Valery Dzutsev, Return to elected regional leaders could bring changes to the North Caucasus, EDM

Euro crisis -- Harold James, Reinventing Europe, ECFR blog

Euro crisis -- C. Fred Bergsten, Jakob Funk Kirkegaard, The coming resolution of the European crisis, PIIE

World order -- Zbigniew Brzezinski, Three reconciliations, National Interest

January 18

Iran -- EU discussing plan to start Iran oil ban on July 1, Reuters

Iran -- Max Fischer, China's dilemma on Iran, Atlantic

Iran -- Leslie H. Gelb: Think before acting on Iran, Daily Beast

Syria -- Steven A. Cook, It's time to think seriously about intervening in Syria, Atlantic

Syria -- Marc Lynch, No military option in Syria, Foreign Policy

Putin -- Russia's presidential election: Putin is concentrating, Economist blog

Euro crisis -- Mario Monti, Iraly’s parenthetic revolutionary, Financial Times

US campaign -- Simon Tisdall, You've been Romney-ed! Obama must beware GOP foreign policy vortex, Guardian

US campaign -- Europeans shrug off Mitt Romney’s criticism, Washington Post

US foreign policy -- Robert Kagan, Not fade away. Against the myth of American decline, New Republic

World economy -- World Bank warns of global growth slowdown, AP

January 17

Euro crisis -- Finnish minister pours cold water on fiscal treaty, EU Observer

Euro crisis -- Walter Russel Mead, Time For More Eurofudge?, American Interest blog

U.S. and the Euro crisis -- Gideon Rachman, America, Greece and a world on fire, Financial Times

European Union -- Francis Fukuyama, European Identities, American Interest blog

U.S. campaign and Iran -- Mark Landler, Iran face-off testing Obama the candidate, New York Times

Afghanistan -- Costs in doubt as NATO moves toward smaller Afghan force, Reuters

January 16

Iran -- Joe Klein, Iran’s dangerous game, Time blog

Iran -- Trita Parsi, How Obama should talk to Iran, Washington Post

Iran -- Ray Takeyh, How the West should answer Iran’s nuclear aggression, Washington Post

Iran -- Paul Stevens, An embargo on Iranian crude oil exports: How likely and with what impact?, Chatham

Turkish foreign policy -- Sinan Ulgen, Rebranding Ankara’s foreign policy, Carnegie Europe

Iraq war -- Joost Hiltermann, Iraq and the pretense of control, International Crisis Group

France -- Steven Erlanger, As French vote nears, Sarkozy is haunted by grim economy, New York Times

US-Europe -- U.S. faces new challenge of fewer troops in Europe, New York Times

The West and the rest -- Anne Applebaum, Dances with thieves. If the West is really serious about combating corruption in the rest of the world, it can start by cleaning up its own act, Foreign Policy

January 13

Iran -- Dangerous tension with Iran, editorial, New York Times

US-Russia -- Josh Rogin, Tauscher: We will get a missile defense agreement with Russia, Foreign Policy

Russia -- Pavel Felgenhauer, Russian capability to project influence dwindles, EDM

Russia -- OSCE raps State Duma elections in report, Moscow Times

Afghanistan -- James Dobbins, Negotiating peace in Afghanistan without repeating Vietnam, Washington Post

EU-Israel -- EU ministers look to Israeli grab of Palestinian farmland, EU Observer

Germany -- Germany and the euro, Economist

Germany -- Walter Russel Mead, The New German Nightmare Begins, American Interest blog

France -- John Vinocur, France's surreal Presidential race, IHT

France -- Francis Fukuyama, How the French integrate immigrants, American Interest

Scotland -- Scotland’s referendum: Clarity, please, Economist

Scotland -- Is a breakaway Scotland brave or foolhardy? Reuters

Transatlantic defense -- Rebalancing America’s forces: The downgrading of Europe, Economist

US foreign policy -- Philip Stephens, How a self-sufficient America could go it alone, Financial Times

US foreign policy -- Thomas Carothers, Democracy Policy Under Obama: Revitalization or Retreat? Carnegie

January 12

Iran -- Adversaries of Iran said to be stepping up covert actions, New York Times

Egypt -- Nathan J. Brown, When victory becomes an option: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood confronts success, Carnegie

Arab League -- Marwan Muasher, A league of their own. The Arab League may not be perfect, but it's come a long way,  Foreign Policy

Afghan war -- U.S. intelligence report on Afghanistan sees stalemate, Los Angeles Times,0,6949277,full.story

Afghan war -- Anthony H. Cordesman, Transition in the Afghanistan-Pakistan War: How Does This War End?, CSIS

Ukraine-Russia -- Pavel Korduban, Ukraine braces for gas transportation consortium with Russia, EDM

Russia -- Yulia Latynina, Putin: Results 2011, Moscow Times

Hungary -- European Union gives Hungary an ultimatum, New York Times

Transatlantic relations -- Philip H. Gordon, The State of Transatlantic Relations, Korber Foundation

US Presidential campaign -- Michael A. Cohen, A sheep in wolf's clothing. Would Mitt Romney’s foreign policy really be any different?, Foreign Policy

January 10

US Presidential campaign and Europe -- Heather Horn, Believe It or Not, Europeans Like Mitt Romney, The Atlantic

US Presidential campaign and Europe -- Republicans Bash Europe in Search of Votes, Spiegel,1518,808044,00.html

US defense review -- Andrew A. Michta, The New U.S. Defense Strategy: A Wake-Up Call for Europe, GMF blog

US defense review -- Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, A Post-American Europe? Not Just Yet, GMF blog

NATO-Russia -- Richard Weitz, Russia has the whip hand with NATO, Daily Star

Putin and the North Caucasus -- Paul Goble, Can Putin Once Again Exploit the North Caucasus in 2012?, Eurasia Daily Monitor

European energy politics -- Judy Dempsey, If Gas Talks Fail, Europe Has a Backup Plan, IHT

EU-Turkey relations -- Fadi Hakura, With or without Europe, Turkey is liberalizing, Daily Star

Euro crisis -- Merkozy rides again, Economist blog

Euro crisis -- Sarkozy Wins Backing From Germany’s Merkel for Financial Transaction Tax, Bloomberg

Euro crisis -- Will Europe tax financial transactions without Britain?, Reuters

Britain and the world -- Jonathan Glennie, The UK has a vital diplomatic role to play on the global stage

Europe’s borders -- Franc Jacobs, Where Is Europe?, New York Times blog

January 9

US Defense review -- David Ignatius, Obama closes the book on the 9/11 era, Washington Post

US Defense review -- The battle for the Pacific will reshape the world, editorial, Daily Telegraph

US Defense review -- Obama Returns to Bush Plan for Cutting U.S. Troops in Europe, Bloomberg

US Defense review -- Force numbers in Europe: Answers expected in Feb. budget proposal, Stars and Stripes

Transatlantic defense -- Jeffrey Stacey, Erik Brattberg, The West's coming joint security trap: don't go Dutch, Esharp

Transatlantic defense -- Karl-Heinz Kamp, NATO’s Chicago Summit: A Thorny Agenda, NATO Defense College (pdf)

US Republican presidential primaries -- Michael A. Cohen, Fighting Words. Mitt Romney and the GOP hopefuls sure like to talk tough about Iran’s nuclear threat, Foreign Policy

Euro crisis -- Charles Grant, Nothing to Celebrate. Think 2011 was a bad year for Europe? 2012 could be a whole lot worse, Foreign Policy

Euro crisis -- Daniel Gros, The Decline and Fall of the Euro?, Project Syndicate

Euro crisis -- Adam Davidson, The Other Reason Europe Is Going Broke, New York Times

EU-Turkey -- Diba Nigar Göksel, Turkey and the EU: The Limits of Unconditional Alignment, GMF

Mideast peace -- Dennis Ross, How to break a Middle East stalemate, Washington Post

Transatlantic economic relations -- Claudia Schmucker, Katharina Gnath, Same Economic Nightmares, Different Solutions: Transatlantic Approaches to International Macroeconomic Policymaking in the Face of the Crisis, AICGS

World order -- Robert Kagan, New year, old problems, Washington Post

World order -- Zbigniew Brzezinski, After America. How does the world look in an age of U.S. decline? Dangerously unstable, Foreign Policy


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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The 2014 SAIS Global Conference on Women in the Boardroom Public Plenary Session
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
1615 H Street, NW
Washington, DC
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
1615 H Street, NW
Washington, DC
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
1615 H Street, NW
Washington, DC
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
1615 H Street, NW
Washington, DC
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
1615 H Street, NW
Washington, DC
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
1615 H Street NW
Washington, DC
8:15 am - 4:00 pm

For more information, visit:
To register, click here.